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Resumes: Objective vs Summary of Qualifications



Which one is better? A resume featuring a job objective or one featuring a summary of qualifications?

In my opinion, a Summary of Qualifications section is much better than a Career Objective and I will tell you why.

Job Objectives are typically one to two sentences that explain to a potential employer a particular job you are looking for.  This type of statement is really all about you and what you are looking for.  They don’t really go into detail about what you can do for them.

An example of an Objective:

A Customer Support Specialist with over 10 years of experience in search of an opportunity to provide attentive customer service  

This type of statement may bore your reader and does not give them enough information on how it is going to benefit them.  And the average employer takes only about 6-10 seconds to look at your resume, so you need to impress them right at the beginning.

A well-written Summary of Qualifications invites your reader in and entices them to want to read the rest of your resume.  This type of introduction paints an immediate picture of who you are and what you specialize in.

Here is an example of a summary:

  • General Manager with over 20 years of experience in resolving complex customer inquiries
  • Recognized for improving operations and increasing sales
  • Accomplished in software troubleshooting and correcting technology issues
  • Track record of providing customer care goals in compliance with company rules and regulations
  • Created a company initiative which raised employee satisfaction

Judy is a certified Career Facilitator.  She has worked with many patrons over the past three years assisting them in writing effective resumes and cover letters.  She has guided individuals through the online job application process and has helped them register for Ohio Means Jobs.   If you need assistance or would like to send her your resume for review, please email her at  If you email her your phone number, she can call and talk to you in person if this is your preference.