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Unemployment Compensation Fraud

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Unemployment Compensation Fraud: How to identify scams and help protect against them

Unemployment fraud is when someone applied for unemployment using your name.

Because of widespread identity theft and unemployment fraud throughout Ohio, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans have been affected.

There are many ways it can affect you:

  • You may end up owing taxes on money they never received.
  • You may lose public benefits including housing assistance, SNAP, Medicaid, child care subsidies, and more.
  • It can affect your Medicaid eligibility.
  • It can affect Social Security benefits.
  • It can use your personal information to open fraudulent credit accounts.

To find out how you tell if your identity has been stolen and what you should do, please look at the documents that Community Legal Aid of Youngstown has put together in a very helpful Fraud toolkit.  Click on  UC Fraud toolkit here.

Additional Resources

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In addition, this article does a really good job of describing the most prevalent scams and how to protect against them. Click here to read all about it.

Also, check out these recommended books about frauds and scams, available at the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County.


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