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Unemployment Resources for Ohioans

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As a state, Ohio was among the first to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously. Stay-at-home orders have prevented much of the workforce from operating normally, which has led to closures, furloughs, and layoffs.  

If you have found yourself out of work and in need of unemployment benefits, these are some of the steps you can take. In fact, these links from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services might be useful to you. 

  • should be your first stop if you have been working in the state of Ohio. Due to COVID-19 related closures, OhioMeansJobs centers are closed, so this website is currently the only way to file for unemployment benefits. 
  • Coronavirus and UI has specific information about Coronavirus-related unemployment for both employers and claimants. This page also provides links to how-to videos for using the website, which can be helpful for first-time applicants. 
  • There is also a pathfinder called Instructions for Filing Weekly Claims Related to Covid-19 that uses screenshots from the online form to help explain how and why you should fill your weekly claims out in a specific way, if your unemployment is related to COVID-19.  
  • Another pathfinder called Instructions for Using the Mass Layoff Number helps demonstrate how and why to use the mass layoff number associated with Coronavirus unemployment. While applicants who do not use the mass layoff number will still have their claims processed, they may receive automated notices that aren’t relevant to Coronavirus unemployment. Using the mass layoff number will prevent you from receiving these automated notices, which are generated in response to more normal unemployment occurrences. 

Keep in mind that processing times are slow because of high volume, but unemployment benefits will be made retroactive to ensure proper payments. 

These resources and more are found at the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services website, and were provided by the OhioMeansJobs Mahoning County office. While the office is closed during the pandemic response, they can still be reached by phone by dialing 330-965-1787, option 0. 

Judy Jones

Judy is a certified Career Facilitator. She has worked with many patrons over the past four years assisting them in writing effective resumes and cover letters. She has guided individuals through the online job application process and has helped them register for Ohio Means Jobs. If you need assistance or would like to send her your resume for review, please email her at If you would like to call her to book an appointment, please call 330-744-8636. Judy in also an avid Anglophile! She likes to read British History, fiction and non-fiction, likes to watch TV shows and movies related to British History and often likes to pick at the historical accuracy of such shows.