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Want to Create a Quick Resume?

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The library has a few resources to help you with resume writing. We have all of them linked on our Career Resources webpage under the heading of Resume Writing. The resource which is the quickest for creating resumes, gives great helpful tips on what to put in all the sections on a resume, has versatility in switching between resume formats, and will store your resume in a free personal account for all PLYMC library card holders is called: Plus, you can locate lots of sample resumes  for different jobs which will help you choose what sections to have in your resume and provide ideas for the types of duties and accomplishments to highlight from your work and education history.

So, let’s take a walkthrough on how to use this great resume writing resource. 

Click on GotResumeBuilder 

GotResumeBuilder Home Page screenshot with arrow pointing to Login

The first thing you will need to do is to Login In.    The login link is at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. 

You will then be brought to the screen below: 

GotResumeBuilder login screen with arrow pointing to New User

As a new user, you will create an account using the left sign in where is indicates “New User.”    The other side of this screen where it indicates “Returning User,” is where you will sign in after you created an account.   

You will be brought to the screen below: 

GotResumeBuilder new account signed in blank resume content screen

You will see many fields such as Contact Information, Objective, Work Experience, Education, and Skills.  You will also see to the right of these categories Edit and Add buttons. 

For Contact Information, click on the Edit button. 

You will be brought to the following screenshot:

GotResumeBuilder Edit Contact Information text boxes

This is where you are going to enter your information starting with your name, last name, phone, cell, address, city, state, email, and zip code. 

As you can see, I filled out the fields, see below: 

GotResumeBuilder Edit Contact Information text boxes filled in with information

Once you do this, click on Save. You will now be able to see that the fields have been filled out.  See screenshot below: 

GotResumeBuilder Contact Information now shows up on Content screen arrows point to address and format tab

The next thing you will want to do is to click on Format, which is right next to the Content button on the right-hand side. 

You will start to see your resume being created!  

GotResumeBuilder Format screen default Classic I template

You can even select different templates and styles.  Click on the small down black arrow where you see Template.   

Once you click on that you will see many resume styles that you can choose from. 

GotResumeBuilder format template choices screen

Play around with these a little bit and choose which one you think looks the best to you.

GotResumeBuilder combined screenshot showing Classic II Professional I Modern I resume formats 

As you can see, there are many different templates to choose from. 

Okay, let’s go back to the Content tab. 

Here is where you put in a Job Objective or a Qualifications Summary.   

I have explained the differences between a Job Objective and Summary below. 

Resumes—Job Objective vs. Summary of Qualifications 
Which one is better? 

In my opinion, a Summary of Qualifications section is much better than a Career Objective and I will tell you why. 

Job Objectives are typically one to two sentences that explain to a potential employer a particular job you are looking for.  This type of statement is really all about you and what you are looking for.  They don’t really go into detail about what you can do for them.   

An example of an Objective: 

A Customer Support Specialist with over 10 years of experience in search of an opportunity to provide attentive customer service  

This type of statement may bore your reader and does not give them enough information on how it is going to benefit them.  And the average employer takes only about 6-10 seconds to look at your resume, so you need to impress them right at the beginning. 

A well-written Summary of Qualifications invites your reader in and entices them to want to read the rest of your resume.  This type of introduction paints an immediate picture of who you are and what you specialize in. 

Here is an example of a summary: 

  • General Manager with over 20 years of experience in resolving complex customer inquiries 
  • Recognized for improving operations and increasing sales  
  • Accomplished in software troubleshooting and correcting technology issues 
  • Track record of providing customer care goals in compliance with company rules and regulations 
  • Created a company initiative which raised employee satisfaction 

I am going to go with a Summary of Qualifications, so since I am doing that, I am going to delete Objective from the fields and add the Qualifications field. In order to do that, you need to get the Resume Sections.  I have included a screenshot below that shows where this section is. 

GotResumeBuilder Content screen with arrow pointing to Resume Sections

See where the red arrow is in the screen shot.  Now go into Manage Resume Sections. 

GotResumeBuilder Manage Resume Sections box

You will now see a list of the Resume Sections. 

Across from Objective, click delete.  It will disappear from the list.  Now click “Select Section Type.” And you will see many choices of sections to add to a resume. Key additional sections you may want to include on your resume would be Military Experience, Licenses and Certificates, and Honors and Awards. But, let’s get back to the Qualifications section.

GotResumeBuilder Manage Resume Sections Select Section Types with Qualifications highlighted

So you will scroll down to click on Qualifications and click Add.  Next, we need to move it upward to put it just below Contact Information. To do this, we click on Qualifications and drag it upwardWhen you have done that, click on Close. 

Now select the Edit button on the right-hand side of Qualifications. 

GotResumeBuilder Content screen with arrow pointing to Edit Qualifications section

You will be brought to the following screen: 

GotResumeBuilder Edit Qualifications box with arrows pointing to bullet points format option

This is where you are going to start to type your Qualifications.  You will see that there are edit tools that you can use when you start typing in your skills.  Notice how the Resume Coach gives tips on what to fill in for this section. In addition, you can type in a job in the Intelli-Sample to see sample entries related to specific jobs.  NOTE: It is recommended to use this for ideas, not to copy and paste the samples into your own resume.

GotResumeBuilder Edit Qualifications Box with text filled in and arrow points to Save

This is what I typed in for a Qualifications Summary.  Once you complete this section select Save. 

Your screen now looks like this. 

GotResumeBuilder Content screen showing Qualifications filled in and arrow point to Add Work Experience

Okay, we are now going to start on Work Experience.  Click the Add button to the right. 

You will be brought to a screen like this. 

GotResumeBuilder Add Work Experience box

Start filling in the fields such as Company, Position (Job Title), start date (click on the black arrows and they will drop down the months and the years and if you are still working at this particular job, “Present” will be an option.  This is another area where using the Intelli-Sample can be very helpful for any who need inspiration for the types of duties they completed while working specific jobs. Remember not to just copy and paste the samples into your resume; instead, you should put things into your own words. Plus, the samples may remind you of additional duties and accomplishments you had as part of that work experience.

When you put in all the required information, your screen will look something like this: 

GotResumeBuilder Add Work Experience filled with text and arrow points to Spell Check

You can even perform a spell check in each section.  You will see a Spell Check button. 

When you are done putting in your information, click Save. 

Your screen will now look like this. 

GotResumeBuilder Content Screen showing Work Experience filled in and arrow points to Add Education

We are now going to enter our Education in. Click Add which is located on the right-hand side of Education. 

You will see the following screen located below: 

GotResumeBuilder Add Education box

Start entering your School, Degree, Major, Start Year, End Year, City, State.  It is not necessary for you to put in a GPA if you graduated with one less than 3.0 or if you graduated a long time ago, however if you graduated in the past few years and you have a decent GPA, it will be worthwhile putting in.  If you did not have a Minor if you attended College, then you don’t need to put one in.  You also don’t need to put in Country if you are seeking employment in the United States.  This is where you can also put in any awards or honors you may have received during your studies.  There is a Description section where you may put all of this information. 

When I am done with filling this out, a sample of how it looks is located below: 

GotResumeBuilder Add Education box with text filled in

Click on Save. 

Okay, now that we have put in more information in these fields, let’s take a look to see how our resume looks. 

Go to the Format Tab; as you can see from the screen shot below, your resume is getting longer because of the information you placed in those pre-defined fields.   

GotResumeBuilder Classic I Format template of draft resume

**Remember you can choose any style for your resume.  You can also change the font, font size, and page margins.  Please see the example below on how to do that. 

GotResumeBuilder Format screen arrow pointing to Page Margin choices

The red arrow points to Page Margin, and this will allow you to change your margins.  If you choose Narrow, the text will make the margin smaller, and if you choose Wide, the text will make margins bigger.  The Normal size is the standard 1 inch around all sides. 

If you need to change the Font Face, see the screenshot below: 

GotResumeBuilder Format Tab arrow points to Font Face choices

You have many fonts to choose from.  You can also choose the Font Size.  See below: 

GotResumeBuilder Format Tab arrow points to Font Size choices

I generally tell people to keep the font size to Medium, but there may be times when you have to go Large or Small.  I would not recommend the Smaller (that Font Size is too small in my opinion). 

When ready, you can download your resume and convert it to a PDF or Word file.  You can also email it to yourself as well.  See the arrows below. 

GotResumeBuilder Format tab with arrows pointing to download email options

NOTE:  Before you can download or email your resume, you will be brought to the following screen: 

GotResumeBuilder Premium Resume Builder box arrow points to Click Here for Free for Students and Library Users option

This service is free as long as you have a library card, student ID, or lost your job due to COVID-19.  Since we are completing this resume through Youngstown Public Library, go to where it says Free for Students and Library Users, and click on blue “Click Here” where the red arrow is pointing. 

Once you do that it will bring you to the following screen: 

GotResumeBuilder Free Premium Account Request default Student Free Upgrade option

You will see that it defaults to Student Free Upgrade.  There is a black little arrow in that box, select it. 

You will be brought to the screen below: 

GotResumeBuilder Free Premium Account Request choices shown with Library User Free Upgrade highlighted

See the pull-down menu gives you choices.  Pick Library User Free Upgrade.  Your screen should now look like this: 

GotResumeBuilder Free Premium Account Request Library User Free Upgrade blank fields

Put in your First and Last Name, your Library Card #, the Library Name (Youngstown Public Library) and the Library Website (  Notice the email is already in there.  The website recognized your email because you put it in email field when you were creating your resume. Your screen should now look like this: 

GotResumeBuilder Free Premium Account Request with Library User Free Upgrade text fields filled in

When you have finished putting in your information, click on Submit Request (the blue button). 

The next screen you see is demonstrated below: 

GotResumeBuilder Free Premium Account Request submitted for processing confirmation screen

 You may now continue working on your resume “Free of Charge!”