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2020 Election – Rumors, Conspiracies vs Facts, Reality

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It’s 2020, another election has just finished, and yet again misinformation has been on the rise.  Rumors and conspiracies can be fun to read and share, but it’s always good to check for facts as well.  For many of us, it’s like sharing gossip.  Sometimes we share it for the laugh it provides, sometime because we agree with the ideas within it.  However, it’s a good idea to stop and think about these rumors which quickly become viral on the web.  Are these rumors based on any truth?  And why do they develop?  Camryn Justice of the Cleveland News 5 channel posted a story about this: “Explainer: Why conspiracy theories run rampant around American elections

Learning to pick the truth from the false can take time, but there are helpful web resources where staffers have done all the research for you.

And the library has developed a web page filled with additional resources to help sort fact from fiction:

We have this linked on many webpages for you: 

In addition, the library has many reliable online resources linked on our library’s Research webpages to help you locate good information (NOTE: These resources are free for all library cardholders).  EBSCO, one of the companies that provides many of these resources, has created some helpful handouts for you:

Finally, you can always email, call 330-744-8636 or visit your local library.  Librarians are available to help you fact-check any stories, rumors, or conspiracies you come across.