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Coding for All Ages

Boy writing code on a laptop

Coding games for all ages! If you are just starting out with coding, finding a fun game to play will help you connect the dots and learn the basics, without straining your brain. is a great resource for all ages and is something your children have probably already been using. The have a range of games, activities, and lesson plans to fit your level of comfort with the material. Something that I have used with pre-school aged children, in the library, are the “unplugged” coding lessons. Introduce the idea of “algorithms” as a set of instructions that they have to follow. Pretend you are a robot and tell them to give you instructions to accomplish a simple task, like turning on a light. 

I use Scratch to teach ages 8-11 the basics of coding, but it is really for all ages. The beauty of it is that Scratch uses visual coding, which means that you can see a list of code, or directions, to put together and by clicking and dragging, the code snaps in place. You can create your own project, look at projects other people have done, and remix projects to put your own spin on them. The skill level ranges from absolute beginners to people who are coding Finch Robots and Raspberry Pis. 

If you like strategy games, you’ll definitely want to check out checkiO. You can focus on Python or JavaScript and complete challenges to build on your knowledge base. The games are fun because you can collaborate with others on your code to see what will work. This is more for adults, but it accommodates beginners to experts.

Hope these sites help you on your coding quest!  


Born in the Mahoning Valley and lived in Washington D.C and Pittsburgh. I love learning new skills and cultivating hobbies. I’m usually sitting in front of a computer, which is my favorite place to be. I love teaching coding, 3d design and getting people of all ages to enjoy technology. You can see me at the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba libraries.