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COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccines: How to Find the Facts


Fake news and misinformation spread like wildfire in the age of technology and social media, and the global pandemic of COVID-19 has been no exception of what, or what not, to believe. Since the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, many people have relied on social media more than ever for news. Check out our Health Resources to find out more information on the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine.  

Even our general online resources, such as Gale PowerSearch 2.0 and MasterFile Complete, have thousands of articles from magazines, academic journals, books, and the news that cover everything COVID-19 from testing to vaccines. Two vaccines have been made available with promise to be successful. Search for COVID-19 vaccines to learn more about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Get lost for hours in thousands of credible sources learning everything you have questioned about this global pandemic.  

Gale eBooks, formerly known as Gale Virtual Reference Library, is also a great place to search for books on vaccines and immunity. Both vaccines are mRNA vaccines, meaning they are the first vaccines made available using this method. Search to learn more about the history of vaccines, immunity, RNA, and more!  

If online resources aren’t your thing, check out one of these books from our catalog: 

Bookcover: Between Hope and Fear by Michael KinchBookcover: On Immunity by Eula BissBookcover: An Elegant Defense by Matt RichtelBookcover: American Contagions by John Fabian WittBookcover: COVID-19 by Debora Mackenzie


Rebekah is the Government Documents librarian in the Information Services department at Main Library. Growing up a history buff, she enjoys reading historical fiction and recording her family history. When not at work, Rebekah spends her time hiking, painting, or binging the latest true crime podcasts.