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Don’t Be Duped! Collection 

Don't Be Duped video series
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Check out our Don’t Be Duped collection: a series of brief videos on detecting, and combating, various types of fallacious arguments 

Perhaps you saw and enjoyed them on our Facebook page @LibraryMahoningCounty.  Watch them all again, here in one convenient collection for your viewing enjoyment!  Click on the links below to view each video on the library’s YouTube page.

There’s a lot of false information floating around out there…

Don’t be duped! 

Fallacy #1: Ad Hominem  Instead of attacking an argument itself, he or she attacks the person making the argument. 

Fallacy #2: Guilt by Association Fallacy – Claiming a position is false because it is shared by a person who is generally disliked or has a bad reputation. 

Fallacy #3: Appealing to Ignorance Fallacy – Justifying an argument by pointing to a lack of knowledge or evidence. 

Fallacy #4: Circular Reasoning Fallacy – Assuming the truth of one’s conclusion without arguing for it.

Fallacy #5: Equivocation Fallacy – Using words in an ambiguous and misleading way. 

Fallacy #6: The Straw Man Fallacy – Refuting a misrepresentation of your opponent’s viewpoint. 

Fallacy #7: Genetic Fallacy – Judging an argument by its origin. 

Fallacy #8: Appealing to Irrelevant Authority Fallacy – Appealing to someone speaking outside of his or her area of expertise. 

Fallacy #9: Arguing from Consequences Fallacy – Arguing for the truth or falsehood of a proposition based on its favorable or unfavorable results. 

Fallacy #10: False Dilemma Fallacy – Arguing as if there are only two possibilities when in fact there are more. 


Patrick is an Adult Services Librarian at our Canfield branch. He enjoys podcasting, running, and wrestling with his kids. He likes to read narrative nonfiction and novels about dystopian futures.