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Educational Resources: Math

Middle school girl in math class
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Have you been trying to find great educational resources about mathMath is important for many distinct reasons including positive attitudes and problem-solving skills. Learning math is used to help children develop math learning, math thinking, math talking, and to develop math skills.  

These essential skills are used in everyday life and include sorting, measuring, building, making patterns and comparisons. When adults become excited about math, children will also become excited and want to learn about math. Children will want to learn more and learn from their mistakes as they understand more about arithmetic.  

Math is a part of human logic and is a way for people to understand the world. As math is used, people build mental reasoning and logic from this discipline. Science, music, art and social studies are all built on understanding math content and concepts. Math has spanned history for many years. Geometry and Algebra were used in the Greek and medieval times. People are more effective in computation, reasoning and spatial identity the more they use math. Human culture is dependent on math and provides a foundation of knowledge and skill for subjects in school. 

Check out some of these websites that will keep you adding and subtracting through the year. 

Math Worksheets and Activities from the United States Census Bureau 

Math Classroom Resources from the National Science Foundation 

Making Math Meaningful for Young Children from the National Association for the  Education of Young Children 

Helping Your Child Learn Math from the U.S. Department of Education 

Teaching Math to Young Children from the Institute of Education Sciences 

Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills from Zero to Three 

Math and Computer Websites from Great Websites for Kids through The American  Library Association 

Learn Math Games from The United States Mint 

Play Math Games from PBS Kids 

Math for Preschoolers: Numbers and Counting from PBS 

All K-8 Math from PBS Learning Media 

Counting the Benefits of Teaching Math to 3-year-olds from the PBS News Hour 

Watch Virtual Pre-K: Math from the PBS Kids Lab 

Math Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans, Games and More from Math Teaching 

The following is a list of learning materials through Hoopla and the library website about Math. 

Integrating Math Into the Early Childhood Classroom by Joan D. Martin (book) 

Money Math Learning Centers 10 Easy Centers With Skill-building Activities That Teach Counting, One-to-one Correspondence, Sorting, Addition, And Subtraction– And Meet The NCTM Standards by Shirley Brulich (book) 

Science & Math More Than 100 Delightful, Skill-building Ideas and Activities for Early Learners by Jean R. Feldman (book) 

Math for Kids Basic Arithmetic, Division and Times Table Quiz Book for Kids by Various Authors (eBook) 

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Math by Diane Lindsey Reeves (book) 

Math Lab for Kids Fun, Hands-on Activities for Learning With Shapes, Puzzles, and Games by Rebecca Rapoport (book) 

The Sneaky Square & 113 Other Math Activities for Kids by Richard M. Sharp (book) 

Janice VanCleave’s Math for Every Kid Easy Activities That Make Learning Math Fun by Janice Pratt Van Cleave (book) 

The Math Chef Over 60 Math Activities and Recipes for Kids by Joan D’Amico (book) 

Better Math in 5 Minutes A Day Fun Math Activities for Kids and Parents on the Go by Fran Gibson (book)