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Educational Resources: Visual Arts

children painting visual arts
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A great way to get creative is to use the visual arts. Visual arts are an art form that uses different media to create an emotional response to something. The forms of visual arts include painting, crafting, design, architecture, drawing, ceramics, and photography.  

Children and toddlers begin to use the visual arts very early in life and helps with expression, cognitive reasoning and thinking. Fine motor skills are important when giving young children time to explore, use their imagination and experiment in the field of art. 

The following is a list of the visual arts and a brief description of each discipline.

Art History- the study of the history of paintings, sculpture, and visual arts pertaining to their development. 

Drawing- an instrument used to print onto a two-dimensional surface which includes a pen, pencil or crayon. 

Painting- putting color, or pigment on a solid surface. 

Digital Media-media that is created, published, and distributed on digital electronic devices. 

Film production- a step by step process of making movies. 

Photography- creating images by recording light. 

Printmaking- creating art by printing on paper. 

Sculpture- the art of carving, modeling, stone, metal, ceramics and plastics. 

Ceramics- heating or firing clay or other nonmetallic minerals into a hard shape 

Check out this list of websites and resources to use in the Visual Arts!

The National Gallery of the Arts: NGAkids Art Zone for iPad 

A PBS Kids Collection of Visual Art videos, interative lessons and much more through PBS Learning Media 

Elementary Division: Remote Learning Remote Learning Toolkit from the National Art Education Association 

Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens through the Smithsonian 

11 Fact about Arts in Education from Do Something 

Start with the Arts with The Kennedy Center 

Art History and Artists for Kids from 

Elementary Division: Remote Learning Remote Learning Toolkit from the National Art Education Association 

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! from The Kennedy Center 

Animal Art from the Houston Zoo 

Family Day: The Art Of Animation Additional Videos from the Oscars 

Challenge Your Kids With These Six Nature-Photography Projects from the Audubon 

An Inspired and Simple Printmaking Lesson for All Levels from The Art of Education University 

Met Kids from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

What are ceramics? from Science Learn 

Here is a Visual Arts list of library titles and materials from the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County!

The Arts A Visual Encyclopedia 

13 Art Movements Children Should Know by Brad Finger 

Career Ideas For Kids Who Like Art by Diane Lindsey Reeves 

Art and How It Works An Introduction to Art for Children by Ann Kay 

The Usborne Art Treasury by Rosie Dickins 

Around-the-world Art & Activities Visiting the 7 Continents Through Craft Fun by Judy Press 

Nature’s Art Box From T-shirts to Twig Baskets : 65 Cool Projects for Crafty Kids to Make With Natural Materials You Can Find Anywhere by Laura C. Martin 

Check out some books on Hoopla!

Pop Art Vs. Abstract Art by Baby Professor 

The Five Parts Of Art by Robin Johnson 

Art For Fall by Rita Storey 

Cubist Art by Alix Wood 

Animal Art by Frank Rodgers