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Educator Tools for Distance Learning 

Distance learning

Educators, here are some other tools for you as you work on helping your students with distance learning as recommended by Jenni and Pam.  

Mystery Science  – Various topics within Science created by other teaches. Free accounts now for teachers and families.

National Geographic for Young Explorers – Nonfiction issues of Nat Geo of various topics. Can read on their own.

Scholastic Learn at Home – Provides day by day projects and readings for pre-k through 9th grade.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Free learning resources. All you need to do is create an account.  

Epic – Sign up for an account and have access to numerous books and activities.

BrainPop Jr – Annie and Moby help students navigate different school subjects.

GoNoodle – Have your students move and learn through songs and dance on various topics.

Kahoot – Create fun ways to test student’s knowledge on various topics.

Buncee – Create an account. Allows educators to create engaging activities, give assignments directly, or share other resources for continued learning.