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Get Your Body Moving With PLYMC

Group of smiling kindergarten kids
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Gross Motor skills are important to your child’s physical development. The mastery of these skills is essential to completing every day tasks and routines. The following activities will promote the development of these skills. 



  1. Hopscotch– Playing hopscotch encourages your child to practice body control and coordination by jumping and balancing.  
  1. Playing Catch– Playing catch will promote muscle development and hand-eye coordination.    
  1. Playground Play– With playground play, the opportunities for gross motor development are endless!  


The following action rhymes are perfect for practicing gross motor skills!

Alphabet Beat 

First clap your hands. Then stomp your feet. 

Everybody do the alphabet beat. 

Apple, Apple, Apple – a – a – a, 

Apple, Apple, Apple – a – a – a, 

Wave your arms high. Swing your arms low. 

The alphabet beat is the way to go. 

Blue, Blue, Blue – b – b – b 

Blue, Blue, Blue – b – b – b 

Move to the left. Move to the right. 

The alphabet beat is way out of sight. 

Car, Car, Car – c – c – c 

Car, Car, Car – c – c – c 

Now give a high five to a nearby friend. 

The alphabet beat has come to the end! 

Clap Your Hands 

(Tune: Row, Row, Row your Boat) 

Clap, clap, clap your hands, 

Clap them one, two, three. 

The more you clap, 

The more you count, 

So, what will your count be? 

Number One, Touch your Tongue 

Number one, touch your tongue. 

Number two, touch your shoe. 

Number three, touch your knee. 

Number four, touch the floor. 

Number five, learn to jive. 

Number six, learn to skip. 

Number seven, look towards heaven. 

Number eight, are you late? 

Number nine, touch your spine. 

Number ten, that’s the end! 


The following books are perfect for little ones that love to get up and move around! They can be found at out library branches, on Overdrive, and Hoopla! Happy reading! 

Up, Down, and Around, Katherine Ayres  

From Head to Toe, Eric Carle 

Clap Your Hands, Lorinda Bryan Cauley  

Dancing Feet, Lindsey Craig 

Farmyard Beat, Lindsey Craig  

Wiggle, Doreen Cronin  

Flora and the Flamingo, Molly Schaar Idle  

Move!, Steve Jenkins  

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen  

I Got the Rhythm, Connie Schofield-Morrison  

Gallop, Rufus Butler Seder  

Clip-Clop, Nicola Smee  

Can You Make a Scary Face?, Jan Thomas  

Press Here, Herve Tullet  

Silly Sally, Audrey Wood 


Book List 


Koo Koo Kangaroo-Dinosaur Stomp 

Join our friends, Koo Koo Kangaroo as they teach us the Dinosaur Stomp!  

Koo Koo Kangaroo- Get Yo Body Movin’  

Listen and follow along to our friends Koo Koo Kangaroo as they encourage you to get your body moving! 

The Learning Station- Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 

Sing and dance along with our friends at The Learning Station!  

The Learning Station-Shake Your Sillies Out 

Shake your sillies out with The Learning Station! 

Jack Hartmann- Tooty Ta 

Join Jack Hartmann and his friends while they “Tooty Ta!”