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Homeschooling Tips and Tools

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Learning is very different this year due to COVID 19. The traditional method of teaching in school, virtually, remote, or a hybrid of either is becoming common place. Parents may be thinking about homeschooling as an option to teaching their children. Homeschooling is the ability to teach school subjects not at school, but at home to children.  

Homeschooling began in the 1970s as a way to teach a more open approach to learning other than rote learning. John Holt was the first education theorist to do this in the United States. By the 1980s, modern homeschooling began and many states offered students an option to homeschool rather than learn in a traditional school environment.  

Here are several tips to think about when homeschooling: 

  • Create and follow a schedule. 
  • When starting school, ease into the day. 
  • Create an organized learning area. 
  • Plan ahead for the school year. 
  • Involve the family in learning activities. 
  • Set and keep goals. 
  • Connect with other homeschoolers to collaborate. 

The following information provided are some resources that will help in homeschooling at the federal, state and local level. There are several library resources that are helpful with homeschooling. 


Here are several websites through the Ohio Department of Education about homeschoolingfrequently asked questionsexcused absence for home education, and  college credit plus for home-school families. 

Contact Information for homeschooling through the Home Education for the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338.

Contact the Mahoning County Educational Service Center regarding information on homeschooling and school district requirements about schooling. 

Contact the Trumbull County Educational Service Center regarding information on homeschooling and school district requirements about schooling. 

Contact the Columbiana County Educational Service Center regarding information on homeschool and school district requirements about schooling at (330)424-9591. 

Looking for information at the government level for homeschooling, check this out from U. S. Department of State. 

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education provides information for the state of Ohio regarding homeschooling. 

Check out the National Center for Education Statistics which contain fast facts about homeschooling. 


Check out the library catalog about homeschooling. 

Here are books that can be checked out! 

College-prep Homeschooling Your Complete Guide to Homeschooling Through High School by David Byers 

The Everything Guide to Homeschooling All You Need to Create the Best Curriculum and Learning Environment for your Child by Sherri Linsenbach 

The Homeschooling Handbook How to Make Homeschooling Simple, Affordable, Fun, and Effective by Lorilee Lippincott 

The Homeschooling Option How to Decide When It’s Right for your Family by Lisa Rivero 

Homeschooling Step-by-step 100+ Simple Solutions to Homeschooling’s Toughest Problems by Laura Maery Gold 

 Hoopla for Homeschooling items!  

How to Homeschool Your Child by Kelley Daniels 

Create a Great Homeschool Experience by Jeffrey L. Kuhlman 

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us by Sonya Haskins 

Why We Homeschool by Adam Calvert 

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell