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LinkedIn Learning is Here!

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As of May 6th, our library has now transitioned to LinkedIn LearningThis is a great educational resource, the successor to There are thousands of video-based online courses freely available to all Ohio library cardholders. These courses cover the broad categories of Business, Technology, and Creativity.  You will find anything from accounting courses to computer courses to playing musical instruments. It has everything that was available in, but with a new, improved appearance. You will notice some changes with this, beyond just the name of this educational online resource.  

What remains the same: 

You will find LinkedIn Learning linked on the same pages as was formerly linked: 

Once you are logged in, as already noted, the same courses divided into the same broad categories of business, technology and creativity are all here. You can browse for courses or search for them, and you can filter your search/browsing results just as you did in with filters found in a column on the left side of the result screenYou will also still receive certificates upon completion of courses. And you still login with just your library card number and library PIN. Plus, as with, there is a free app which you can use on mobile devices, such as smartphones & tablets. 

Now let’s go over the differences: 

When you first tried, you logged in with your library card number and library PIN, then you answered the question about whether you had an account created already in If you answered ‘No’, the next step was to fill in your first and last name and email address. Then, you were in and could immediately start searching for courses to take. Whenever you completed a course, your certificate would be filled out with your name. In addition, you could ‘personalize’ your learning experience by going into your account profile and adding in interests. If you lost or replaced your card number, then would transfer your account information to the new card number. The app worked by going to the Organization portaland typing in the library website as: 

With LinkedIn Learning, the first time you use it, you will be prompted to create an account – even if you already have a account. Note: you will never type in your name or email address in LinkedIN Learning. As part of the account creation process though, you will have to choose at least one interest. In other words, LinkedIn Learning starts the ‘personalization’ process for choosing online courses as part of setting up your account. After you complete the account setup, the next screen opens with suggested top course picks based on the interest or interests which you chose in setting up your account. Of course, you will still be able to choose any course you would like, though, by using the search box or by browsing through categories and subjects. Of note is that if you look in the upper right corner, you will see that your account is not named with your name. While taking courses, you now need to pass quizzes as part of the requirements to earn a certificate.  Plus, some courses include final exams, especially those that offer the opportunity to earn Continuing Educations Units. Another difference happens when you complete a course. While you will still receive a certificate, it will no longer have your name filled in on it. Finally, every time you change your library card number due to losing your card or damaging it beyond usability, you will create a brand new account in LinkedIn Learning. With the LinkedIn Learning app, (available android and iOS) you choose Sign In, then Sign in with your library card, type in the library IDoh0248. 

Here are screenshots to show you the process of creating your new LinkedIn Learning account: 

When you click the link to LinkedIn Learning from the library webpage, you will first see this: 

 LinLinkedIn Learning Get Started intro screen after clicking library link screenshot

Click Get Started to reach this screen: 

LinkedIn Learning library card login screen screenshot

Now fill in your library card number and library PIN. Then click Continue, and you will arrive here: 

LinkedIn Learning Welcome screen for account creation screenshot

Click the Sounds Good button, and now you are at the screen to choose at least one interest. As you can see, the Continue button is ‘grayed out’ until you do make at least one selection. 

LinkedIn Learning Interest page screenshot

Once you pick at least one interest, you will be able to click Continue and see this screen. 

LinkedIn Learning Set a Weekly Goal screenshot

Here you can actually choose to skip setting a learning goal by clicking Maybe Later. Or you can choose one of the weekly learning minutes goals and click Set Goal. Whichever choice you make, this is the next screen you will see:

LinkedIn Learning All Set account created screenshot

Now click Start learning, and here you are all set to go in LinkedIn Learning! 

LinkedIn Learning home page screenshot

For more about LinkedIn Learning, check out this printable User Guide and try out the 43-minute online video course: How to Use LinkedIn Learning. NOTE: While working through that course, it mentions linking your LinkedIn Learning account with a personal LinkedIn account.  However, this is not possible with the public library subscription access to LinkedIn Learning.

Now go online, setup your LinkedIn Learning account and enjoy taking some online courses. Wishing you all the best whether your goals are specific toward a job and career or just to enjoy lifelong learning!

Sara Churchill

Sara Churchill is the Digital Services Specialist and Assistant Supervisor in the Information Services Department at Main Library. A major fan of technology devices and computer research resources at work, she enjoys helping everyone learn to use their devices and the library's many online resources.  She loves reading Science Fiction/Fantasy books, British cozy mysteries, True Crime and other true stories, plus a past reader of horror fiction by the likes of Stephen King and John Saul (among others).  Also, she’s a big fan of Sci-fi, action, horror, spaghetti westerns, and based-on-a-true story movies.  Her blogs are for adults and the entire family to enjoy reading and trying out the many online resources free for PLYMC library cardholders to use.