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Let’s take a look at the newest online resource available to those looking for new jobs: Mometrix eLibrary.  This is a resource which will help people study for almost any required standardized test or career test that is available. You can prepare for a high school equivalency exam, studying for the GED or the HiSETFor those getting ready for college, there is study material for the ACT and SATWorking with requirements of Ohio Means Jobs, you will find what you need to help you do well on the WorkKeys. And any job that you are interested in that requires passing a career test to be hired, well don’t forget to check out this resource. 

So, let’s take a look at how to find all of this and more in Mometrix eLibrary. 

First, you will find this resource linked on the following library web pages: 

And the only way to access this resource is to click on it from these web pages. If you do a search on the internet for Mometrix and try to open it from a search engine, then it will ask you to pay for each individual resource within it. Going through the library website, it is completely free for all PLYMC library cardholders. 

When you first open this resource, you will see this as the Mometrix eLibrary Home page: 

Mometrix eLibrary Home page screenshot

Product Categories is where you will find all the study materials. Every test available includes an eBook study guide with practice test questions. And these eBooks allow you to print out the pages you want, such as the practice tests. Many tests also include interactive Flashcards to help you with studying for a test. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Career category: 

Mometrix eLibrary Career Category screenshot

For jobseekers, this is the best category to find any job and career test.  This area is also where you will find the study materials for the GED, HiSET, and WorkKeys. 

While you can locate your tests by browsing the Product Categories, a faster way to find them is by using the search box on the Mometrix eLibrary home page:

Mometrix eLibrary Home page highlighting search box screenshot

NOTE: The only way to access the Mometrix eLibrary Study Guides and Flashcards is from either browsing the Product Categories or using the Search box on the Mometrix eLibrary home page.  As you continue reading, I will be covering the Mometrix Academy, Mometrix Blog and Mometrix Products buttons located on Mometrix eLibrary site.  Each of these will either show or locate by searching links to the Study Guides and Flashcards; however, those links will not allow you to open those resources. Instead, they will links to purchase them.  Also, you may see links to Mometrix University Online Courses, but the library subscription does not include any access to these online course. The reason is because these 3 buttons on Mometrix eLibrary actually take you outside the library subscription and into other Mometrix websites.

If you would like to try a short online interactive practice quiz related to the job or any test you need to take, then check out the Mometrix Academy: 

Mometrix Academy screenshot

While these brief tests are not as comprehensive as the ones available in the eBook study guides, they will still give you some extra preparation for taking the real exam.

As mentioned above, Mometrix Academy takes you outside the library subscription to Mometrix eLibrary.  In fact, Mometrix Academy opens in a separate tab when you click the button. Just close the Mometrix Academy tab when you are finished, and you should be back at the library subscription for Mometrix eLibrary.

Now that you are back on the Mometrix eLibrary home page and we’ve seen all this material to help with passing tests, there are still more great resources available within it. 

Let’s look at the Employment Resources: 

Mometrix eLibrary Employment Resources screenshot

Here you find lots of detailed articles with helpful information for all job seekers.  These articles will help you with how to apply for jobs online, update your resume, prepare for a job interview, and even negotiate a job offer. You will find helpful articles about how to choose the right job for you. And for those interested in going to college, there are articles on financial aid, scholarships, and more. 

Another resource to look at in Mometrix eLibrary is their Mometrix Blog: 

Mometrix Blog screenshot with search box highlighted

As you scroll down through the blog, you will find links to a wide variety of articles. From ones on helping improve study habits to tips for specific jobs and even more about specific tests. There are hundreds of articles to browse through or you can use the Search box to do a quick keyword search. 

Again, you will notice that the Mometrix Blog opens in a separate tab, taking you outside the library subscription to Mometrix eLibrary. So, when finished reading the blog articles, just close the tab, and you will be back at the library subscription to Mometrix eLibrary.

Note there is one other button on the Mometrix eLibrary home page: Mometrix Products 

Mometrix Products screenshot

This button, as with the Mometrix Academy and Mometrix Blog, opens in a new tab taking you out of the library’s subscription and to the Mometrix company website. Here you can learn about additional products available from Mometrix. Some of these products, such as the Study Guides and Flashcards, are part of the library subscription; however, as already mentioned, if you click on them from this page, they will ask for payment. In addition, as noted earlier, the library subscription does not include any access to Mometrix University’s Online Courses. So to avoid any issues, we recommend not clicking on the Mometrix Products button. 

I hope that during Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Week” and throughout the yearyou will keep Mometrix eLibrary in mind for all your job tests needs and more.

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