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Reading Readiness for Children

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Discovering when a child is ready to read is one of the best milestones in early childhood.  Children learn to read at different rates of speed. Some children will read with ease and others will take longer. There is no need to worry, because as children enter kindergarten, their teachers will work with them to learn the skills they need to be lifelong learners. Teachers understand that students enter with different range of abilities and they know how to teach their students to be successful. Here are a few tips and tools to see if you have a reader 

4 Ways to Discover if a Child Is Ready to Read

  • Emotional Development-children need to have a good concept of their self and understand how they fit into their world. 
  • Physical Developmentchildren need strong control of their bodies to sit up, hold a book and turn the pages. 
  • Social Development– children need self-control, to take turns, and cooperate with others. 
  • Cognitive Development-children should be able to notice the letter sounds, shape of letters, and page numbers. 

Sign to Discovering a Reader

  1. The child has an interest in something. 
  • The child retells stories. 
  • The child can read their name. 
  • The child sings the alphabet. 
  • The child knows how to hold a book properly. 
  • The child makes rhymes. 
  • The child knows some sounds and letters of the alphabet. 
  • The child knows text has meaning. 

Check out this list of websites and resources to see if you have an emergent reader!

Kindergarten Readiness-Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County 

Get Ready to Read: Screening Tool 

Play-Based Activities That Build Reading Readiness 

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Ohio 

Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment 

Here is a Reading list of library titles and materials from the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County! 

The Invisible Toolbox The Power of Reading to your Child From Birth to Adolescence by Kim Dickson 

1-2-3 Reading & Writing Pre-reading and Pre-writing Oppurtunities for Working With Young Children by Jean Warren 

Leaping Literacy Rhythm Sticks, Ribbons, & Games for Reading Readiness– CD 

Rockin’ Reading Readiness -CD 

What Children Need to Learn to Read The Complete Parent’s Guide to Ensuring Literacy, A Love of Reading, and School Readiness by Michelle Vallene 

Letter Land! English Language Arts– Launchpad 

Kindergarten Jumbo Workbook by Charly Lane 

Read With Me Best Books for Preschoolers by Stephanie Zvirin 

Check out some books on Hoopla!

Ready, Set, Read! by Various Authors 

The Book That I Love To Read; & I Am So Awesome (Read-Along) by Joe Fitzpatrick 

You Can Read Read-Along by Helaine Becker 

Roadways To Reading by Chavy Gros 

Be The Best At Reading by Rebecca Rissman 

We Read by Beth Johnson 

Learn To Read With Phonics – Book 1