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Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Group of smiling kindergarten kids
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A great way for children to stay busy in the summer is a great treasure or scavenger hunt. When children participate in a treasure hunt, their faces beam with excitement. Kids love indoor or outdoor activities where they look for hidden objects.  

This game involves the organizers to create a list of items that the participants seek, collect, or gather to complete the list of items. Children or adult can work together to complete the list.  

A few things to consider before creating a scavenger hunt would be to know how many will participate in the activity, and where the activity will take place. Some places to consider are a garden, a park, a home, a museum, an art gallery, or in the neighborhood.  

Choose a theme or format for the treasure hunt. The theme could be pirates, detectives, aliens, football or nature. It is important to decide where the treasure hunt pieces will be hidden and create the treasure hunt clues. Double check all the clues or activities are where they need to be and make sure the treasure hunt doesn’t take too long.  

Here are a few Scavenger Hunts!

On Your Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt 

 A book with pictures 

 A book with no words 

 A picture book 

 A book about animals 

 A book about a movie 

 A favorite book 

 A book your favorite author wrote 

 A rhyming book 

 A book about sports 

 A book you have read more than once 

Outside Scavenger Hunt

Have fun in the great outdoors and an adventure finding all the items on the scavenger list! 

 A rock                                     Dirt 

 A tree                                      A bug 

 A flower                                  A stick 

 A bush                                    Clouds 

 A bird                                      A butterfly 

 A leaf                                       A green leaf 

 A squirrel                                A vehicle 

 A dog                                       A friend 

 A house                                   The sun 

 A sidewalk                              A stop sign 

Here are a few websites about Scavenger Hunts!

Learn how to create a scavenger hunt for the family or for the community with Action for Healthy Kids-Scavenger Hunt 

Find a few objects outside with a few outdoor scavenger hunts with The Nature Conservancy-Nature Treasure Hunt 

Learn how to play scavenger hunts games inside with The Center for Disease Control and Prevention-At-Home Scavenger Hunt 

Read an interesting article about Using Scavenger Hunts to Familiarize Students with Scientific Journal Articles from the United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. 

Check out some materials about Treasure Hunts!

Treasure Hunt by Allan Ahlberg 

Treasure Hunt by Maria Barbo 

Max & Ruby’s Treasure Hunt by Rosemary Wells 

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