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Sight Word Practice at Home

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Sight words help children build speed and fluency while reading. Most of these words cannot be decoded using traditional strategies, so memorization is usually best! There are approximately 220 sight words that children should have memorized by third grade. For a list of these sight words, click here. An easy way to motivate your child to practice sight words is by playing games. Listed below are several games you can easily create and play at home! 

GAMES TO PLAY:         

  1. Sight Word Jenga: Turn the classic game of Jenga into a fun learning game! Write sight words on one side (or multiple sides) of the Jenga pieces. While playing the traditional game encourage your child to read the sight words on the piece he/she pulls. You could even challenge him/her to put the sight word in a sentence.   

NOTE: In order to change the sight words, write the words on a transparent piece of tape and place it on the Jenga pieces!   

  1. Sight Word Scavenger Hunt: Using magazines, newspapers, or books have your child search for different sight words.  

ACTIVITY EXTENSION: Your child could create a word collage using the words he/she found in magazines or newspapers!

  1. Sight Word Swat: Using index cards and a flyswatter, write sight words on the index cards and place them around your house. Then challenge your child to find the sight words, read the word on the card, and SWAT it! 

ACTIVITY EXTENSION: You could tell your child a sight wordThen he/she has to find that specific sight word and SWAT it    

  1. Sight Word Go Fish: Using index cards, create a Go Fish game and play!   
  1. BINGO: Play BINGO using sight words! Instead of using BINGO chips, try using your child’s favorite snack!  
  1. Memory: Using index cards, create a fun sight word memory game to play with youchild. You could use the same cards you created for Sight Word Swat and Sight Word Go Fish  
  1. Spot the Sight Word: Watch a movie with subtitles and challenge your child to find sight words! 

For more gaming ideas click here! 

VIDEOS TO WATCH: You could also practice sight words by watching these educational videos!  

Sight Words 1 with Jack Hartmann 

Sight Words 2 with Jack Hartmann 

Sight Words 3 with Jack Hartmann 

Sight Words Rap with Jack Hartmann 

Popcorn Words with Jack Hartmann 

Exercise with Sight Words 

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