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Visit the Stars Without Leaving Your Home by PLYMC Librarians Stuart and Cyndi

Like so many of our community resources, the Ward Beecher Planetarium has gone virtual. Bring the stars into your living room with some of the online activities and resources the planetarium has provided on their website. There you will find videos of different programs listed by targeted age group along with the subject matter for further connecting the video to a curriculum theme, such as Greek myths, holidays, planets, solar system and many more. Some links to the videos even includes coloring sheets for those of you with a home printer.

Visit their website for all these resources. YSU WARD BEECHER PLANETARIUM .

You will locate them under the “For Teacher’s” tab, then “Educational Shows” tab.

You can also follow the links below to some of our digital eBooks on everything Space!

Oil and Water Galaxy Sensory Bottle Craft 


  • Baby Oil 
  • Water 
  • Empty Bottle 
  • Food Coloring (i.e., Blue and Purple) 
  • Glitter 
  • Glue 










  1. Empty and remove all labels from a plastic bottle.
  2. Fill the bottom 1/2 of the bottle with baby oil. 
  3. Top the baby oil with a decent amount of glitter, covering the surface of the oil.










  1. Add water to the top of the plastic bottle.  Stir in approximately 8 drops of purple food coloring, and 5 drops of blue food coloring.
  2. Then, add a dab of glue around the inside of the cap, and quickly seal the bottle. 













Stuart is a Librarian Generalist covering all branches at PLYMC. He focuses on all program ages as a generalist. His favorite book topic interests are science, mysteries, technology, and travel. 

Cyndi is an Adult Librarian Asst. at PLYMC. She enjoys delving into a good mystery, non-fiction, short story anthologies and true crime novels. She also collects early 20th century children’s books. She enjoys  art and anything with yarn!  


Stuart is a librarian and part of the Boardman unit. I'll try my best to "help change the world one question at a time." My interests are in science, mysteries, technology, and travel. He loves to spoil his dog!