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Dreidel Game


The 8 days of Hanukkah are under way! One of the most fun ways to celebrate is by playing the dreidel game and hoping luck is on your side. During Hanukkah, children (and adults!) spin four-sided tops, or dreidels, and play a game for delicious chocolate coins, known as gelt. You can have as many people play as you want and the game can keep you entertained for hours! 

The rules are simple. First, find or make a dreidel! We’ve attached an image you can print and cut out to create one.  

Next, gather your friends and any candy you have laying around. Make sure everyone has 10 pieces of candy (or whatever you are playing for). 

Everyone puts one piece in the “pot” to start. 

If your spin lands you one Nun– you get nothing; Gimel– you take the whole pot; Hei– you get half the pot; Shin– you have to put one piece in. 


If the pot is empty, each player must contribute one piece to the pot and if you are out of pieces, you lose! 

Dreidel can get competitive, so remember to have fun! 

 Happy Hanukkah!  




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