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Celebrate Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year! 

Happy Rosh Hashanah
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The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah celebrates the New Year!  For 2021, Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of September 6 and ends on the evening of September 8.

In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means “Head of the Year.” This holiday lasts for two days, starting at sundown on the first of Tishrei, the seventh month in the Jewish calendar. This time period marks Days of Awe, where the creation of the world, man and woman, is celebrated. During this time, it is important to do good deeds for others, in preparation for Yom Kippur, which is the Day of Atonement.  

Rosh Hashanah is a High Holiday and is a time for Jewish people to pray at their Synagogue. Special prayers are read from the Machzor, and the Shofar, a trumpet made from a Ram’s horn, is blown. On the first afternoon of the holiday, the Tashlich ceremony takes place. This is the act of throwing breadcrumbs into flowing water, which symbolizes casting away your sins. 

A delicious treat of apples and honey is eaten in hopes the New Year is sweet. Challah, a type of braided bread, is made to be circular in shape, to signify the cycles of the year. Pomegranates are on the menu as it is hoped the New Year brings as many “Mitzvahs,” or good deeds, as the pomegranate has seeds. Greetings of “L’Shana Tovah,” which means “For a good year,” are exchanged.  

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