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National Pug Day!

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October 15 is the best day of the year: it is the day that we celebrate the adorable little dog known as The Pug.

This holiday was developed in 2012 to “celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next pug from the shelter or a Pug Rescue,” (according to the site Positively Woof).

Pugs are very popular in the home and in pop culture.  What isn’t to love about these sweet little dogs?  With their adorable squashed face and comical personality, they make wonderful pets and companions and provide a lifetime of entertainment and laughter!

Let’s learn all about these dogs

According to the American Kennel Club’s list of Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020, pugs are ranked the 29th most popular dog breed (out of 195 recognized breeds).  Up two points from 2019!

Pugs belong to the toy group of dog breeds, which means they are portable little companions.  According the AKC standards, they stand 10 to 14 inches tall, weigh 14 to 18 pounds, and have an expected life span of 12 to 15 years.  They are typically square and cobbly.  They have large, expressive eyes and deep-set wrinkles.

Pugs are brachycephalic dogs, which literally means “short-headed.”  These are dogs that have shortened snouts (much like bulldogs and Boston terriers).  These flat faces give them a charming, almost human-like expression.  Short-muzzled dogs are prone to snorting and snoring, so they can be a bit noisy.  Pugs are generally healthy, but can be prone to certain health conditions, so please be sure to have a vet check out your pug regularly.

Pugs are short-haired dogs.  They are double-coated, so they shed quite a bit.  (It may be a good idea to get a pug that matches your outfits!)  The most common coat color is fawn (blonde) with black ears, mask, “beauty marks,” and trace.  Black-haired pugs are also quite popular.  Other colors such as apricot, brindle and even white are gaining in popularity as well.

Pugs love attention and people.  They are playful and mischievous, and have quite the sense of humor.  They love to nap on the couch (especially on your pillow or lap), but enjoy exercise and walking.

They will eat anything, so keep an eye on them (and your dinner plate) as they can quickly (and happily) become overweight.  They are also very smart, but they choose to use that intelligence sparingly (as they are extremely stubborn).

According to most accounts, pugs originated in China around 400 BC.  They were adored by royalty, and treated as royalty themselves!  Pugs eventually came to Europe in the 1600s, coming first with Dutch traders.  Pugs quickly became popular, especially with (as usual) royalty.  Marie Antoinette owned a pug (named Mops), Josephine Bonaparte owned a pug (named Fortune), and Queen Victoria owned many pugs.  As have I.  Pugs were introduced in the United States after the Civil War, and the breed was recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Pugs have graced the screen in numerous movies and TV shows and commercials.  Their personalities are a natural fit for mugging for the camera!  Some of the most popular ones include the Adventures of Milo and Otis, Men in Black, Pocahontas, the Secret Life of Pets, and many more!

They are celebrities in their own mind, so they fit in well with the Hollywood elite.  Many famous people have owned pugs.  Some of these include: Winston Churchill, Billy Joel, Stan Lee, Nick Carter, Rob Zombie and many others.

A group of pugs is called a “grumble.”  (And yes, sometimes they do, especially if they don’t get their way.)

I hope you enjoyed this plog (pug blog)!

For additional information

To read more about pugs (or any breed), check out the American Kennel Club site.

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