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Supporting Earth Day All Year Long

Earth Day Aprill 22-2021
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Thursday, April 22, 2021 is Earth Day!

Earth Day has been celebrated nationally since 1970 and globally since 1990. It started, as many things do, with a book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Written in 1962, this New York Times Best Seller raised awareness of pollution, public health and the environment. Several years later, Senator Gaylord Nelson formed a team of environmental activists to organize teach-ins on university campuses to educate people about the destruction being done to the environment. The date for these teach-ins was April 22: after spring break, but before finals week, in order to maximize student involvement. Thus the foundation was lain for Earth Day to continue 50+ years later.

Easy things you can do to support Earth Day all year long:

  • A few reusable bags could go a long way. They’re cheap, trendy and you can find any style or design to suit your unique personality. The hardest part is remembering to bring them into the store with you.
  • Another trend is replacing those Ziploc bags and plastic wraps with reusable bags and beeswax paper. I can speak positively to both and have gotten more use out of them than I can count.
  • I’m not a tea drinker, but I’ve heard loose leaf tea is a good alternative to tea bags as well.
  • Reusable thermoses or water bottles are a great way to have your favorite drink on you at all times. It not only saves the environment from all those single serve plastic bottles and coffee cups, but also saves your pocket book. I suggest one that can keep your drinks both hot for your morning coffee and cold for your afternoon ice water.
  • Getting takeout? Leave that plastic-wrapped plastic silverware behind. You already have reusable silverware at home.
  • If you’re looking for a reason to go vegetarian, knowing that plant-based foods leave a smaller carbon footprint than meats might be a good reason. If you’re not ready to toss the bacon, just switch from beef products to chicken or pork. These meats leave a smaller carbon footprint than beef.
  • Use a clothesline. Maybe not for your unmentionables, but why dry that enormous blanket in the dryer when nature’s fresh air can do it for you? Dryer sheets not required.
  • Try wrapping your gifts in reusable fabric. There are tons of how-to YouTube videos like this one here: 3 Ways to Wrap Gifts in Fabric.  But there’s just something so satisfying about buying new wrapping paper every year at Christmastime that it makes this one hard for me to do.
  • A few ways to save water and your water bill: Take a shower instead of a bath, turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth and shorten your shower time. Sounds easy enough.
  • Use rechargeable batteries. They’re a bit more expensive, but a few charges and they pay for themselves many times over.
  • Still receiving all of your bills and bank statements in the mail? Cancel them (if you’re comfortable doing so) and just check them online.
  • Believe it or not, using cruise control on your car saves gas, which creates less emissions and thus is a step in the right direction to saving the environment.

Some more helpful tips you can use to save the environment:

Call the library’s Dial-A-Story at 234-287-2020 and press 18 for Earth Day Tips.

Click to link to view 50 Ways to Help the Planet – Save Our Environment and Planet Earth.