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60th Birth Anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales

The Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial Walk

Lady Diana was loved by many people around the world.  Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer.  Her father was John Spencer, and her mother was Frances Ruth Roche.  Diana’s lineage goes back 500 years.  Diana’s grandparents were invited to live at Park House in the 1930s by King George VI. Queen Elizabeth II attended Frances and John’s wedding at Westminster Abbey.  The Spencer family was close to the British Royal Family for decades. Her maternal grandmother, Ruth, Lady Fermoy, was a longtime friend of, and a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  When her grandfather died in 1965, he was the seventh Earl Spencer, she inherited the title Lady.  

Diana was athletic, she like to ride her bike, swim, and climb trees.  She also played the piano and enjoyed music.  She was fond of animals and had pet hamsters and a cat named Marmalade.  When she was in boarding school, she visited an old woman who lived near the school.  She cleaned her house, did errands for her, and spent time talking to her.  She also visited the hospital for the mentally and physical challenged once a week.   

She did not need to work because her family was so wealthy, but she took a job as an Assistant Kindergarten teacher at a private school.  She was quite happy to sit on the floor, have children climbing all over her, the owner of the school noted.  She also worked as a part-time nanny for an American family who lived in London; they did not know that she was part of the British nobility, all they knew was she did a great job taking care of their one-year old. 

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