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Celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day

hot air balloons
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Hot Air Balloon Day is celebrated on June 5!  It’s a great time to learn more about hot air balloons and their history.

Up! Up! And Away!

Hot Air Balloons always grab our imagination. They are colorful, tranquil, floating lighter than air. We see them at festivals and fairs, we use them for advertisement, amusement, science and to celebrate those special occasions with a spectacular view and once in a lifetime adventure. But do you know how all this got started?

Hot air ballooning is said to have begun in 1783 in France, after a scientist named Pilatre De Rozier, was able to successfully fly a balloon for fifteen minutes. His esteemed passengers were a duck, a sheep and a rooster. What a combination! I wonder what the duck was thinking?

A couple months later, two French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, successfully completed a manned balloon flight. The love of ballooning was now launched!

Visit the Hot Air Balloon Museums and History links below to learn the full story:

There are some very simple ways to use hot air balloons as an inspiration for art projects and crafts.

  • Use old map/atlas/fabric scrapes, scrapbooking paper, or gift wrap cut into hot air balloon shapes glued to paper, embellish with yarn and ribbons and draw or add in a basket for your balloon.

Or follow some of these links to other cool art activities:

We also have some eBooks available for you to continue to explore the world of hot air ballooning! Enjoy!