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Celebrate Valentine’s Day – using Online Resources

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Valentine’s Day will soon be here. Did you know that you can find both information to learn and activities to do for Valentine’s Day by using the library’s Online Resources? For example, you can use History Reference Center to locate some interesting articles to share with your family. In fact, here are some interesting articles found by searching “Valentine’s Day”: 

  • Rosin, Nancy. “‘Mother of the American Valentine.’” American History, vol. 40, no. 1, Apr. 2005, pp. 62–64.  
  • “Tokens of Love.” Early American Life, vol. 33, no. 1, Feb. 2002, p. 20. 
  • “Valentine’s Day Ideas.” Early American Life, vol. 33, no. 1, Feb. 2002, p. 74. 

And in Lincoln Library Online‘s mythology section, there is an educational article (including a quiz) on Cupid, the Roman god of Love. And if you are really interested, you can find related articles on more Greek and Roman gods of love and desire. 

For some unique ideas to help celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, check out these suggestions: 

How about having some fun learning to romance someone in a foreign language? Mango Languages offers Romance Specialty Units within the following 4 language courses: 

  • French 
  • Italian 
  • Portuguese (Brazillian) 
  • Spanish (Latin American) 

And there are two additional conversation Specialty Units that may also be fun to try for Valentine’s Day:  

  • French: Wine & Cheese 
  • Spanish (Castalian): Flamenco Dancing 

So, are you up to romancing your partner or a future date in a new language? 

If you are interested in the more traditional dating route, what about enjoying a romantic movie? Hoopla has 700 Romance titles to view.  There is also a huge collection of music albums to choose from which you can listen to while eating a romantic dinner. In fact, if you are looking for romantic music, do a keyword search for “Romance” and then limit the format to Music, and you will find over 400 romance albums.  For children, there’s lots available for Valentine’s Day as well.  Hoopla has a special audiobook collection: Valentine’s Day for Little Listeners.  Plus, there are 75 Juvenile Fiction Valentine’s Day eBooks and 21 Juvenile Nonfiction Valentine’s Day eBooks. 

Of course, talking about eBooks & Audiobooks brings the library’s OverDrive catalog to mind.  Again, we have things of interest for all ages.  If you go to the Kids section and do a keyword search for “Valentine’s Day,” you will find 20 titles to enjoy as a family.  In the Teens section, the Romance fiction has over 1700 titles.  And Adult Romance Fiction has over 11,300 to read and enjoy. Plus, just for adults, there is a special collection, “Romantic Reads,” with 100 titles. 

While we’ve just covered reading romance, if you are interested in writing romance, check out Universal Class.  Here you can take two writing courses: Romance Writing and Paranormal Romance Writing. Looking to write some love poems?  Universal Class has a course: Poetry Writing 101. Have trouble coming up with things to say, try: Developing Great Social Skills and Mastering Conversation SkillsOr maybe, after looking at Mango’s French language unit on wine and cheese, you would like to learn more about wine by taking the class: Beginner’s Guide to Wine.  

Universal Class courses: Romance Writing, Paranormal Romance Writing, Poetry Writing, Social Skills, Conversation Skills, Beginner's Guide to Wine

A final great resource for all ages is Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center. For children, click on Kids Crafts, then Holiday Crafts, and choose Valentine’s Day.  There are over 40 crafts for children to enjoy making! And to find crafts for all ages, just type in “Valentine’s Day” in the search box and then choose Projects from the Source Types filter.  You will find over 270 Valentine’s Day projects to create of all types, from cards through cakes! 

All these resources are FREE for PLYMC library card holders! I hope you’ll find some new things to try for this coming Valentine’s Day.

Sara Churchill

Sara Churchill is the Digital Services Specialist and Assistant Supervisor in the Information Services Department at Main Library. A major fan of technology devices and computer research resources at work, she enjoys helping everyone learn to use their devices and the library's many online resources.  She loves reading Science Fiction/Fantasy books, British cozy mysteries, True Crime and other true stories, plus a past reader of horror fiction by the likes of Stephen King and John Saul (among others).  Also, she’s a big fan of Sci-fi, action, horror, spaghetti westerns, and based-on-a-true story movies.  Her blogs are for adults and the entire family to enjoy reading and trying out the many online resources free for PLYMC library cardholders to use.