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Dress for Success

Asian woman across table from another person in a job interview
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Determining how people perceive you will have a positive effect on your career and your mental state.   When you get that job interview, it is important that you wear the proper attire because you want to make ta great first impression.  I have outlined some basic guidelines on how you should dress for a job interview. 

  • The first thing one would do is to explore what the company looks like.  Try doing this by visiting their website.  The site may have some photographs of current employees.  Observe what they are wearing.  You want to be able to fit in. 
  • If the company’s dress code is formal, you will need to dress up a little bit.  You may not want to wear flashy colors.  You may have to tone it down on the jewelry.  You must be presentable but not distracting.  You may be required to cover tattoos, piercings, clip down long nails (and not paint nails bold colors, you may need to use a neutral color of nail polish). 
  • It is important that we present ourselves in a way that will leave the most favorable feeling with the person we have just encountered. 
  • a first impression is a form of nonverbal communication, you must be ready for snap judgements and prepared to turn them in your favor. 
  • Two published studies out of the UK and Turkey reported that people make a judgement on us in just three seconds; and better yet, if we’re dressed right they’ll assume we’re “confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner.” 

Some of the links below will provide you with a better understanding of why it is important to dress appropriately for job interviews.