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Easy Natural Weed Killer

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With nice weather, weeds can quickly overwhelm a garden.  Likewise, weeding your yard, garden or walkway can quickly overwhelm you!  So if you don’t want to spend hours on your hands and knees pulling, and you don’t want to spray poisonous chemicals to kill the weeds, then try this recipe for a safer alternative to store-bought weed killers.

Be careful with this recipe, as it is not only a weed killer, but a vegetation killer.  It will kill any greenery it comes in contact with, so be careful around your flower garden and lawn.  Also, don’t spray on windy days.

This weed killer is perfect for places like pavers (pictured below) that are hard and time-consuming to weed.







It only takes three ingredients, all of which can usually be found in the household:

  • 1 gallon of white cleaning vinegar
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap solution

The vinegar is the “active ingredient,” an effective plant killer.  The Epsom salt and dish detergent ensures the vinegar sticks to the plant and soaks in the ground to hit the roots.

Creating your weed killer:

Step 1 – Combine the vinegar and Epsom salt.

Step 2 – Mix (stir or shake) well, until completely dissolved.

Step 3 – Add in dish soap.

Step 4 – Mix (stir or shake) until well mixed.

Step 5 – Use a funnel to pour into a basic spray bottle.

Step 6 – Spray the weeds.  Be careful where you spray, since it will kill any plant it lands on.

Step 7 – Let the weed killer sit.







Within a day or two, you will start to see the weeds drying up and turning brown.







You can pull the dead stems, or buzz them with the string trimmer, or just let them disintegrate on their own.  Either way you choose, soon your walkway will look clean and clear.  And you can enjoy your serene and relaxing yard and garden all summer season!


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