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Egyptian Pyramids

Sphinx Egypt
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Discover the Egyptian Pyramids

Discover the pyramids through a virtual visit.  Take a quiz to see how much you know.   Gather a few supplies and make your own crafts dealing with ancient Egypt.  


Pyramids of Giza
Explore maps, details, timelines, and much more to help you understand the area of the pyramids. 

Pharaoh Ramesses VI Tomb Tour
Walk the tomb and look around at all the artifacts. 

Great Pyramids of Giza on Google Earth
3-D maps of the area in Egypt.

Great Sphinx of Giza
3-D maps of the area in Egypt.
Learn about the history behind the Sphinx.


Pyramid (Eyewitness Books) by James Putnam
Outstanding illustrations, maps, and historical facts fill this book that will draw anyone in.  

Quiz Challenge

Fun Facts of Egypt Quiz  (Kahoot)
Challenge yourself and your friends and family with this short quiz on Egypt.

rafts and Activities 

Ancient Egypt Unit Ideas
Sand pit digging activities, mud bricks, and more.

Make Egyptian Bracelets
Make a simple bracelet from what you have at home.

Egyptian Cat Mummies
Use toilet paper rolls to create Egyptian cat mummy crafts.

How To Draw A Pyramid
Discover how to draw a pyramid yourself. 


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