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One of the fastest ways to learn Excel is to learn some of the Excel TIPS and TRICKS. Learn how to move data in an Excel spread sheet.

Excel Tip #1 – Move Data 

  • We want to show you how to move data around in your cells the easiest way possible. 
  • The quickest way to move data around in Excel is to select it and use the green box to pull it to the new location where you want it.  Let’s try one example. 
  • Step #1) Click on the one cell and expand it by holding your mouse down and pulling to make the box bigger. 
Excel file 1
  • Step #2) Move your mouse over the edge of the green box until you get a symbol of four thin arrows  move pointer .  Click and hold mouse (ex/Pull) the box to your new location. 
  • Step #3) Release once the data is in a new location. 
Excel file 2
  • There are many reasons to move data in Excel. 
  • You can move whole rows or columns by just selecting the column or row.  You select a column or row by clicking on it.  Next, move your mouse to the edge of the green box and pull it by clicking and holding to the new location. 
  • Examples:   
  • Forgot a column 
  • Want to add rows 
  • Deleting data, and more.

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