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Giving Back to the Mahoning Valley

Two female volunteers smiling for Women in Philanthropy
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During this difficult time many of us are looking to help and support others, be they family members, friends, members of the community, or others across the globe. The novel Coronavirus has brought upon feelings of uncertainty but despite those feelings many of us have still been moved to ask, “how can I help?” or “what more can I do to help others?” 

Below there are a few suggestions for ways to help support others throughout Youngstown and the greater Mahoning Valley.  

Give Blood 

According to the American Red Cross, there has been a decrease in those eligible and willing to donate blood as the Coronavirus spreads. They are encouraging healthy, eligible individuals to schedule a blood donation appointment. Taking the time to donate will help maintain a sufficient blood supply and avoid any potential shortages. The Red Cross would like to remind individuals looking to donate that it is safe and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need of transfusions.  


By the end of May, individuals were allowed to resume in-person volunteer work. Non-profits, especially, are in need of help while trying to develop innovative solutions to enable them to continue running their programs. Here are some great options in Mahoning County to volunteer: 


If volunteering doesn’t interest you, there is always the option of making donations. As previously stated, non-profits are in need of help to continue delivering services and implementing programs. If you have the resources, consider making a donation to a local organization. Any contribution makes a big difference. Considering the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley, United Way, Second Harvest Food Bank, or even the Mahoning Valley Community Response Fund.  

If you are looking for further opportunities, check out these great local resources located on the library’s website.