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Happy National Dog Day!

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National Dog Day is August 26.  What a great excuse to appreciate dogs of all shapes and sizes (and breeds) for everything that they offer and do for us.  Whether they are guide dogs, therapy dogs, and/or companion animals, all dogs are special.  These remarkable creatures deserve some love and appreciation!  So find a spot to cuddle up with your dog, and dig (or bite!) into one of our greatest past dog-blogs.

Caring for Your Dog or Puppy

Puppy Care – If you have decided to get a dog, but need some help with puppy care and training, the library can help.

Relive Past Dog-Focused Holidays

National Love Your Pet Day!  – Let’s curl up and celebrate our favorite furry, feathered or scaled four-legged creatures! This list of Library resources can provide some unique tips and tricks to party with our loyal pet companions.

National Puppy Day – Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a day dedicated to puppies?! I mean, just imagine those cute faces with ears bigger than their head, the adorable puppy waddle, and the puppy kisses!

Happy National Pug Day – It’s a day that we celebrate the adorable little dog known as The Pug.

Read Stories About Dogs in These Dog-Centered Books

Cozy Mystery Animal Series – Here’s a list of 12 cozy mystery series featuring some of our favorite furry friends! Check out the titles below for animal-loving amateur sleuths!

Dog Blog for Kids – Enjoy these woof-tastic digital resources for dog-loving kids, including e-books and links to videos to enjoy at home.

Learn How to Say Animal Names in Spanish

Marnie’s Spanish 101: Los Animales – Let’s learn some animal names in Spanish! These videos are a super fun introduction to animals in Spanish!

Ways to Spoil Your Dog

DIY Dog Toy – Upcycle your old shirts to a machine washable toy for your pooch! We are going to cut strips out of our once loved t-shirts and braid them together for an easy DIY dog toy.

Cooking with the Library: No Bake Dog Treats – Here is a cheap, easy, and quick recipe that both dogs and humans can eat. (Yes, humans can snack on these too!) Plus, my SUPER picky dog likes them too, so what’s not to try?


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