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Hogwarts House Bingo

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Your Daily Activities Determine Your Hogwarts House – Bingo

How many times have you wondered: Which Hogwarts House would I be placed in if I lived in the wizarding world? If you have wondered this and you have exhausted all the online quizzes, why not try this one!

To pass the time look at your daily activities. Maybe they have changed or perhaps you have kept a strict schedule? Whichever the routine you have, keep track and complete the Bingo sheet below to determine which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat would place you.

Its simple! Print out the Bingo sheet and cross out any activities that you perform throughout the day. This may only take a day or it might take a week. There is no rush.

Once you have crossed out all the activities you’ve done and form a completed a row or column, check the Sorting Hat Answer Sheet to determine which Hogwarts house you will be placed in! These are not tasks to be completed, but things you do naturally. Diagonally (not to be confused with Diagon Alley) and four corners don’t count.

Project Lit Asks Author Scott Reintgen Which Hogwarts House His Characters Would Be Sorted Into

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Are you cleaver like a Ravenclaw? Determined like a Slytherin? Loyal like a Hufflepuff? or brave like a Gryffindor? Fill out this Bingo sheet to find out!


Printable Hogwarts House Bingo Sheet GAME – pdf »


Printable Hogwarts House Bingo Sheet ANSWER SHEET – pdf »