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How to Reinforce Your Buttons

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Almost every coat or jacket that you buy will come with extra buttons just in case one falls off, but why wait until you lose a button? Reinforce your buttons so that it is almost impossible for them to become loose with wear.

I learned this technique in my clothing and textiles class in high school and have done it to many of my coats, especially ones that the buttons already seemed to be loose through the manufacturing phase. Its simple and it does not take much time to do.

The materials you will need:

A needle -pick one that is right for you. If you need one with a bigger eye to thread the needle, choose that one.

Thread– pick a color that will match your coat. Many times, with the extra buttons, there is also thread to match; you can use that. Or you can decide to pick a completely different color to make the buttons standout.

Scissors– to cut the thread.

Coat with buttons– if the coat is already missing the buttons, you will need to sew the button on first using some of these techniques and then reinforce them with the steps below.


Step 1:

Tread the needle with your choice of color thread and knot the ends together. By doing this, we are using double the about of string to make this sewing job stronger.

Step 2:

Coming from the back (so the knot is in the inside section of your coat) you will be pushing the needle outward toward the button. You want this to be as close to the original threads as possible. You will be working as close to the center of the button as possible.

Step 3:

Chose the pattern of button sewing. If you are trying to match the style on existing buttons do the same. If you are redoing all the buttons pick a style you like the best. The most common is the cross, but you can also do it parallel, square, or eagle claw (shown in the image below in this order).

Step 4:

Sew the style several times over. If it’s the cross pattern, sew the lines in the ‘X’ about 4-6 times.

Step 5:

Thread the needle through the button hole, but do not go through the coat as you did previously.

Step 6:

Under the button you will wrap around the thread on your needle around the threads connecting the button to the coat. Wrap this thread around 4-6 times. This will stiffen the button.

Step 7:

Once you are finished with Step 5, you will then go back through the coat material and knot off the end of the thread several times. Then cut any excess thread.

Repeat steps until all the buttons are secure!