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Internet Browser Extensions to Reduce Distraction

Are you working or completing school assignments from home? Do you often get distracted by opening up new windows and tabs for things that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are working on? Then this list compiled of browser extensions to help decrease distractions and increase productivity is for you!







Browser extensions are small software programs that customize your web browsing experience. Not sure how to add or remove browser extensions?

Click here for a quick overview!

Blocksite: When this extension is enabled, any websites you have set up in a list will be blocked from accessing.

Noisli:  This extension helps you to create a quiet personal space by helping to block out background noise. You can select from a list of unique sounds, such as rainfall, to help increase your focus.

One Tab: If you’re like me and you find yourself with too many tabs open, this app will create a list of all the tabs you have open. You can then restore them individually or all at once.

Todoist: Create a list of tasks you would like to complete for the day and use this extension to keep track of it. It is easier to complete your tasks when you have an accurate list of items to accomplish.

Momentum: This extension gives you an outlet to take a moment to reflect on your goals with some words of inspiration and gives you positive reinforcement by reminding you of your achievements for the day!



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