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Kick Start Your Summer Reading and Writing!

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After days and weeks of staying at home, are you finding that you’re stuck in a reading rut? Now that the sun is shining and summer is upon us, let’s find some new ways to broaden our literary horizons! Here are some fun challenges and tips to make your summer reading the best yet.

Read outside!

Take your book or e-reader to the park or lake! Bonus points if your book has nature heavy themes like Walden by Henry David Thoreau (available on Hoopla) or Rachel Carson’s landmark nonfiction book on environmentalism, Silent Spring.

Go totally outside your comfort zone!

Strictly a romance reader? Try a cozy mystery to change it up! Challenge yourself to try something that in the past, you might have decided “wasn’t for you”. You may find your next favorite author.

Try a book on local history

The Library offers many titles on the history of Youngstown and the Mahoning County. Youngstown and The Green Cathedral are good places to start!  After you finish the book, go on an adventure around town to locate some of the landmarks mentioned in the books!

Try a graphic novel!

If you are more of a print reader, try out an audiobook.

Check out OverDrive to access our collection of available audiobooks!

Read a book that has a one-word title.

Exercise your brain by trying to think of one!

Clearly, there are many ways to get reinvigorated about reading this summer! To go one step further, challenge yourself with practicing some of these writing prompts too!

You open a biography about yourself on page 303 – what does it say?

Describe the best day of your life.

Who do you admire?

Write a time capsule entry. Draft a letter to yourself and open it in a year or two.

What should you celebrate in your life more?

Detail your bucket list.

Have a happy summer full of reading and writing!