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Let’s Talk Tea!

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Iced tea is such an iconic summer drink that June 10th has been set aside to celebrate as “National Iced Tea Day!”

A little history to get us started… Richard Blechynden, a merchant and tea plantation owner, wasn’t having much luck selling hot tea in the middle of summer at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. He improvised and poured the tea over ice, and it was an instant hit!

If you want to read more about tea, iced and hot, check out these books from Hoopla:

Tea Culture by Beverly Dubrin
Discover the versatility and health benefits of tea and various ways to enjoy a cup.

History of Tea by Laura C. Martin
This is another great book that explores the rise of tea in Asia and its spread to the West and beyond. Learn how tea is produced, tea terminology, and proper tea brewing.

Tea Here Now by Donna Fellman
Learn about the health benefits of tea, information about different tea blends, how to brew the perfect cup of tea, and more.

Tea Cocktails by Abigail R. Gerhing
Included in this book are 75 cocktail recipes that feature hot and cold tea.

Your Fortune In A Tea Cup Reading by Cicely Kent
Learn about the history and practice of tea leaf reading.

Have a little fun and try your hand at Tasseography, the art of reading tea leaves. By interpreting the patterns of leftover tea leaves at the bottom of a teacup, you can purportedly predict your future. To learn more about reading tea leaves, visit the Tea Association of the U.S.A.

Learn more about the tea industry from World Tea News.