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Lunar New Year: February 12, 2021

Chinese New Year
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Lunar New Year is the start of a new year based upon the cycle of the moon.  The holiday celebrates luck, health and reuniting of people.  The Lunar New Year is most commonly associated with the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.  It follows many eastern countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore.


In China, New Year’s Eve Celebrations kick off 15 days of celebrating.  Some of the foods eaten on New Year’s Eve include whole fish, whole chickens, dumplings, long noodles, tangerines and oranges.

Each year, there is a week of national holiday where everyone travels to go home.  This past year it was estimated the 3 billion trips were made around the holiday.  That is a lot of traveling!

Red envelopes with money are given from elders to adults and adults to children.

The Dragon Dance features people holding a large dragon above their heads and parading down streets.


  • Set off fireworks to keep away the bad spirits.
  • Clean your home before midnight. This will help get rid of any bad luck for the new year.
  • Buy books before the new year because it is bad luck to buy them during it.


  • Cut your hair. Scissors are believed to cut connections made.
  • Wear black and white. These colors are associated with mourning.
  • Wash clothes or hair. When you wash clothes or your hair, you are washing away good luck.
  • Give books away during the 15-day celebration because it is like giving your luck away.

What can you do the celebrate the new year?

  • Hang the color red around your home
  • Eat chicken or fish on Feb 12
  • Read an article or book on the topic


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