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Periodic Table Battleship

Battleship game
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Do you know the basic elements of matter?  Do you know some basic things that make up matter?   

The discovery of the periodic system for classifying the elements represents the culmination of a number of scientific developments, rather than a sudden brainstorm on the part of one individual. Yet historians typically consider one event as marking the formal birth of the modern periodic table: on February 17, 1869, a Russian professor of chemistry, Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, completed the first of his numerous periodic charts. It included 63 known elements arranged according to increasing atomic weight; Mendeleev also left spaces for as yet undiscovered elements for which he predicted atomic weights, (Scientific American).

Play this game of battleship with the periodic table to become better in your knowledge of the periodic table. 


  • Print 4 copies of the Periodic table here. 
  • 4 plastic sheet protectors 
  • 2 file folders 
  • 1 giant paper clip 
  • 2 dry erase markers 
  • Paper towel 


  • Label each row with a letter of the alphabet on the periodic table.  Hydrogen should have an A to the left.  Lithium should have a B.  and so on… La should have an H beside it.  Ac should have an I beside it. 
  • Place the periodic tables into the plastic sheet protectors. 
  • Place the two folders back to back.  
  • Place two periodic tables/cover on each folder facing apart on the folders. 
  • Hold the periodic tables with a paper clip. 
  • Place the other two periodic tables on the table surface of the folders.  
  • Mark with dry erase markers where you want to place your ships by circling rows of 2, 3, 4, and 5 elements on the lower table. 
  • You can play by calling out coordinates, atomic numbers, atomic symbols, or element names.  If you miss you put an x on the spot you chose on the upper table. 
  • If you get a hit then circle it. 
  • You continue playing until all 5 ships are sunk. 
  • You sink a ship by hitting all the spots in a row the other person circled. 

Have fun playing periodic battleship! 


Stuart is a librarian and part of the Boardman unit. I'll try my best to "help change the world one question at a time." My interests are in science, mysteries, technology, and travel. He loves to spoil his dog!