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Pilates for Beginners

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Over the last few months, we have realized how quickly our circumstances can change. Our routines and habits can be disrupted, leaving us to come up with creative ways to adapt.  One of the most common changes has been the change to our workout routines. As fitness centers, studios and gyms closed, people have had to take a look at what they had to ensure they were maintaining healthy habits and getting in some movement! Often times, we are dealing with limited space, time and equipment. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can help establish and maintain an at home workout routine. One specific way the Library can help is by offering digital solutions and resources.

Hoopla offers digital resources for a variety of at home workouts. Pilates is one of the ways you can stay fit at home! Maybe you’ve been interested in Pilates before this and never had the chance or time to attend an in-person class or maybe you weren’t sure if it would be the right fit for you – these resources show a beginner’s road map to this specific workout method.

Pilates is a low impact workout, consisting of slow, controlled movement that can help improve your posture and flexibility. Great for those of us that sit at desks all day! Some Pilates classes use equipment, but this list focuses on Pilates classes that require no equipment, that can be done at home. It is helpful to have a mat, but not required. You may substitute a blanket or towel if you wanted to as well!

You can read more about the development and philosophy behind Pilates here, with the title available on Hoopla, as authored by the inventor of Pilates himself:  A Pilates Primer

Here’s another title from Mr. Pilates: Your Health.  Originally published in 1934, this book explores more of Joseph Pilates health philosophies.

Mari Winsor Beginner Pilates coverTo kick off your at-home Pilates journey, use these workout classes available from Hoopla:

Pilates for Beginners – An easy to follow, slow paced tutorial to Pilates. 3 different classes are offered in the series to get excited about Pilates!

Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss – Enjoy this 31-minute class set against a soothing ocean background!

Mari Winsor’s Beginner’s Pilates – A great place to start! Mari Winsor offers four classes focusing on starting your Pilates routine.

Trudy Styler Core Strength Pilates – Follow along with the hour-long class that specifically targets the core muscles.

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is an adult services librarian currently based at the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba branch libraries. She’s a big fan of all things mystery and thriller. When she’s not at the library, she enjoys walking her dogs, practicing yoga and true crime podcasts.