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Searching the Library Website

searching library website

Learn how to find easily information on the library website by viewing the video here:


Step-by-step instructions (click on the thumbnails for full-sized images):

The library has three options for searching for information on the website: Catalog, Articles, and Site (Website in some menus). On the main page, this will appear underneath the blue bar (as pictured below – click on the thumbnails for full-sized image).  On other areas of the website, you can click the magnifying glass to open the search in the blue bar.

Search in the Catalog

Type a search term and click ‘Search’ or ‘Go’ depending on which one you are using.  A catalog search will take you to the Catalog.  If you searched for a specific title, it should show up first in the results if the library owns it or a similar title.  If it does not, the library may not own the material.  Always check to confirm the title of the material if it does not show up in the results.  If you did a general search term, you can scroll through the results to see what is available.

On the left-hand side, the search can be filtered by where the item is available by branch, format (book, ebook, audiobook, DVD, music, etc), what’s new, types of checkout, content, audience, form/genre, topic, regions, author, languages, published date, rating, tags, and reading level.  Simply check the boxes to narrow the search results.  At the top of the search results, any filters can be cleared.

In the results section, the titles can also be placed in order by relevance, date acquired, author, title, publication date, and rating.

The catalog search defaults to keyword, but this can be changed to title, author, subject, series, tag, list, and user at the top of the screen. In the blue bar, there is also an option for ‘New Materials,’ which will display either new materials in the library or materials that the library has on order that will be arriving soon.

Search the Website

The second way to search the website is by selecting ‘Website’ or ‘Site’ in the drop-down menu of the search. This will bring up anything on the website the contains the keyword you searched. You might find specific blogs containing this phrase, but there will also be results that might only mention the keyword being searched without it being the primary subject.

Search for Articles

Change the drop-down menu option to ‘Articles’ to search the databases that can be accessed by the library and type your search term.

If not at the library, it may ask for your library card number and pin. Sometimes it will ask for this later when accessing a specific article.

Results include articles from different sources.  There are limiters on the left-hand side for full text or peer reviewed only, publication date, source type (academic journal, new, magazine, etc), subject, publication, publisher, company, language, geography, or NAICS/Industry.  Check any of the boxes to use these limiters.

At the top, the search can be changed or refined depending on what is desired.  In the search below, only Academic Search Premier is being searched, but this can be changed by clicking ‘Choose Databases’ to see what others are available to search through.

This is a basic introduction on ways to search the library website, but don’t hesitate to ask a librarian for more in-depth instruction on searching!  Contact the librarian in-person at any of our branches throughout Mahoning County, call at 330-744-8636, or email


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