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Shark Week is Here!

A tiger shark heads straight towards the camera in an underwater dive experience.
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Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicks off July 11 and runs through July 18. This year marks the 33rd annual celebration of Shark Week. Shark movies and programs will be showing all month long on both the Discovery Channel and discovery+ streaming service. For a full listing of new programs premiering during Shark Week, please visit

To get you all geared up for Shark Week, here are 10 facts about sharks that you might not know. And, if you can’t watch Shark Week on TV or streaming, check out the list below of 10 movies that feature sharks.

 10 Facts About Sharks

  1. There are about 500 known species of sharks, and new ones are still being discovered!
  2. A shark’s skeleton is not made of bone; it’s made of the more flexible cartilage like that found in our noses and ears.
  3. Sharks have several rows of teeth, but they are not anchored in their jaw like other fish, so sharks often lose their teeth, especially when feeding.
  4. Sharks have special pores along their jaws and snouts that help them detect the electrical signals of other sea creatures like stingrays.
  5. Being cold-blooded, sharks have a slow metabolism, meaning they don’t have to eat as often as warm-blooded animals. In fact, some sharks only have to eat once or twice a week.
  6. Sharks can swim very fast, but they can’t stop quickly, nor can they swim backwards.
  7. The skin of a shark feels like sandpaper because it’s made of tiny teeth-like scales.
  8. Ironically, Whale Sharks and Basking Sharks are the largest shark species, but they primarily eat microscopic plankton.
  9. When it comes to mating, female sharks can store the sperm of a male shark for years until the time is right to fertilize the eggs.
  10. Baby sharks are called pups, and they are fully independent from the time they are born.

10 Movies Featuring Sharks

Finding Nemo

47 Meters Down


The Meg

Open Water

The Reef (Available on Hoopla)

The Shallows


Shark Tale

Soul Surfer


All facts came from the following sources: Greater Cleveland Aquarium, NOAA Fisheries, Sea World Parks and Entertainment, and Shark Research Institute. Please visit these sites to learn more about sharks, or check out the library’s collection of books about sharks.