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Spring Holiday Trivia

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Hi, Sara, the Digital Services Librarian has created an online Spring/Easter/Passover themed Scavenger Hunt where all the questions can be answered using the library’s resources found at (including the Subject pages), plus some use the catalog as well at Share your answers with us on Facebook.

Be sure to mention the question number with your answer.  Mention in your answers which resource you used, and no using Google!  Many questions will have more than one right answer.  Let the game begin!

Question 1:  When did Daylight Saving Time officially begin?

Question 2: Can you locate some folklore about the Easter Bunny?

Question 3: Find a full text of a poem with the words: April Showers bring

Question 4:  Locate some images for Passover.

Question 5: Where is Easter Island located?

Question 6: Spring makes me think of water.  Are you able to find some water features to add to a landscape?

Question 7:  How many Easter crafts can you locate to try making with children?

Question 8:  Where can you learn biblical Hebrew and Yiddish?

Question 9:  Find a book with the title “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”

Question 10: Are you able to find a classical definition for the term Springs?

Question 11:  How many digital magazines mention Garden in their name?

Question 12:  Can you find some full text articles about Passover?

Question 13:  Locate a movie to watch free online which mentions the word Easter – does not need to be the theme or title of the movie.

Question 14:  Can you find another name for the Spring Equinox?

Question 15:  What’s something that is popular and known as an Easter Egg, but it is not the hard-boiled, decorated kind from a chicken?

Question 16:  Find some Jewish digital storybooks.  Name at least one and where you found it.

Question 17:  Find a country that celebrates Spring and provide the name of the country and a special food they make for the holiday.

Question 18:  Are you able to locate some trivia lists mentioning Easter?

Question 19:  Where can you learn more about Judaism?

Question 20: Final question: Can you locate a recipe using Jelly Beans? (This one’s tricky, I was trying various online resources and found a recipe by chance)

Thank you for participating today. Staff will be  monitoring our email, again on Monday, if you have any questions you would like us to research.  The next Reference chat will be Monday at 4 p.m. Have a great weekend!

Sara Churchill

Sara Churchill is the Digital Services Specialist and Assistant Supervisor in the Information Services Department at Main Library. A major fan of technology devices and computer research resources at work, she enjoys helping everyone learn to use their devices and the library's many online resources.  She loves reading Science Fiction/Fantasy books, British cozy mysteries, True Crime and other true stories, plus a past reader of horror fiction by the likes of Stephen King and John Saul (among others).  Also, she’s a big fan of Sci-fi, action, horror, spaghetti westerns, and based-on-a-true story movies.  Her blogs are for adults and the entire family to enjoy reading and trying out the many online resources free for PLYMC library cardholders to use.