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Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath final
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Spring Wreaths are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit.
(While supplies last.)

Supplies Needed

  • Several shades/colors of cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard Circle
  • Bakers Twine


Step 1: Trim 12×12 paper into 3×3 squares. Use several different shades of paper. For the inner layers you’ll cut smaller squares for small cones. (Example: 2×2 squares, etc.) You’ll end up making about 80 cones of varying sizes (but mostly the larger 3″x3″ size).

Step 2: Take squares and fold into cone shapes.

Spring Wreath step 1Spring Wreath step 2Spring Wreath step 5

Step 3: Slowly start gluing on the cones starting in the outer edges and moving inwards. For the ombre effect, you’ll start with the darker shades on the outside and the lighter paper used on the inside.

Spring Wreath step 6

Step 4: Keep moving around until you fill in the center.

Step 5: Take a few inches of baker’s twine, string, or yarn and glue a “loop” on the back of the cardboard to hang your wreath.

Spring Wreath final



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