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Tower Bridge London UK

Tower Bridge

Fun Facts about Tower Bridge in London: 

  • Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1984 and is London’s most famous must-see landmark. 
  • Work on Tower Bridge began on April 22, 1886. 
  • The bridge took eight years to build. 
  • Tower Bridge has been opening for ships since 1894, and those bascules open and close around 1,000 times per year. 
  • The total cost of the bridge was 1,184,000 pounds, equivalent to 124 million today. 
  • Before Tower Bridge was opened, the only way to cross the Thames was via an underground tunnel. It was called the Tower Subway and it cost 1 penny to cross. 
  • Over 70,000 tons of concrete were sunk on the bed of the River Thames to support the bridge. 
  • Over 11,000 tons of steel was used to provide the framework for the towers and walkways. 
  • Tower Bridge is one of five London Bridges. 
  • Tower bridge was paid for by the Bridge House Estates, so no taxpayer money was used. 
  • In December 1952, a bus driver (of a double-decker bus) accelerated across the bridge when it was open jumping to the other side. 

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Big Ben 

Fun Facts about Big Ben in London: 

  • Big Ben was completed in 1859. 
  • The hour hand is 9 feet long. 
  • The minute hand is 14 feet long.
  • 312 pieces of glass make up the face of the clock. 
  • The tower has four clock faces. 
  • Big Ben weighs about 13 tons, the same weight as an elephant. 
  • There are 344 steps to the clock tower. 
  • Although it is not certain, it is purported that Big Ben got its name one of two ways: It may have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall (1802-1867) who commissioned the work of the bell, or Benjamin Caunt (1815-1861) who was a heavyweight bareknuckle boxing champion.   

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