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Movies for Baseball Fans

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The 2020 baseball season is like no other.  The library has some great baseball movies to help you through all of its ups and downs.  Grab some peanuts and cracker jack and follow the links for a closer look at the titles below.  

42: The Jackie Robinson Story:  depicts the early career of number 42, Jackie Robinson, who was the first black baseball player admitted into the major league.  Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford. Rated PG-13. 

Bang the Drum Slowly:  the touching friendship of two baseball players, one terminally ill, as they play their last season together. Robert DeNiro. Rated PG. 

Field of Dreams:  fathers, sons, baseball, second chances, and a magical baseball field where summer never ends. Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones. Rated PG. 

A League of Their Own:  a comedy-drama about the women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League of the 1940s.  Gina Davis, Tom Hanks.  Rated PG. 

Moneyball:  Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, with the help of an Ivy League number cruncher, finds creative ways to build a team on a budget. Based on a true story.  Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill.  Rated PG-13. 

The Natural:  a baseball player with a mysterious past and natural talent that seems almost magical appears from nowhere and rises quickly to the top. Robert Redford. Rated PG. 

The Pride of the Yankees:  depicts the life of legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig, who was forced to quit playing by a debilitating neuromuscular disease.  First released in 1942, this film is not rated.  Gary Cooper. 

The Rookie: a feel-good movie about a high school teacher and coach who unexpectedly makes it to the major leagues.  Based on a true story. Dennis Quaid. Rated PG. 

Rookie of the Year:  after his broken arm heals, a twelve-year-old boy discovers that he miraculously has a 103-mph fast ball and ends up playing for the Cubs.  Rated PG 

The Sandlot a classic family movie that takes a hilarious and nostalgic look at a group of baseball playing friends during the summer of 1962.  Rated PG.