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Learn to Play the Ukulele

Watch and learn to play the ukulele with John from the Library. The ukulele is a fun and entertaining instrument which is easy to learn, so let’s get started!

There are an abundance of free resources available if you wish to continue learning such as This site by Brad Bordessa has a wide variety of lessons (from beginner to advanced), a ukulele buying guide, chord charts, songs to learn, links to other resources and more.

Click Here for More Ukulele Resources »

Ukulele 101 with John: Part One

Get started learning to play with an overview of the instrument and a lesson in how to tune your ukulele.

Ukulele 101 with John: Part Two

Expand upon what you learned in part one by learning to play chords on the ukulele.

Ukulele 101 with John: Part Three

It’s time to put together what learned so far and play a song! In lesson you’ll be learning to play Let it Be by The Beatles. Click here for a printable chord sheet

Hi, I’m John Waller, and I am supervisor of the Reader’s Services department at Main Library and have been a librarian for nearly 20 years. I love reading, fixing or making stuff and, of course, music- and the best thing about my job is that I get to share these things with you!