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Still Rockin’ After All These Years—Digital Rock Releases by Romie

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Do you like to listen to rock music? Do you like to stay up to date on the latest releases, but still have your old favorites you keep going back to, again and again? It seems like these days, many rock bands from the past few decades are continuing to release new materials. Some may just reinvent their hits of the past, while some create entire new sounds to keep up with the times. A great place to check out music of every genre and taste, from the hits of yesterday to the new releases of today, is the website Hoopla. Along with comics, eBooks, movies and television, Hoopla offers a large selection of albums that can be borrowed for free with your library card. Its great if you want to take a listen, before you decide to purchase an album. Take a look at the following list and check out some artists that had album releases many years ago, but are still rockin’ hard today!  

All of the recent releases from the following music artists are available on Hoopla for checkout. Click on the highlighted albums to check them out today! 

You can look for these albums and thousands of others on the Hoopla today! 

No card? No problem! Get a digital card today! 


Bryan Adams 

Adams released his first album entitled Bryan Adams in 1980. You can borrow his latest release, Shine a Light which came out in 2020, is available from Hoopla. 



Greenday’s first album on the scene was in 1990, called 39/Smooth. Their latest albumFather of All, released just this year, is available on Hoopla to borrow for seven days with a library card. 


Sammy Hagar 

Hagar’s first album release, entitled Nine on a Ten Scale, came out in the year in 1976. In 2019 he released a new album called the Space Between.  Check it out! 


Huey Lewis and the News 

This bands first album, Huey Lewis and the Newswas released in 1980. Hoopla offers their 2019 album, Weather.   



Incubus’ first album release was back in 1995 called Fungus Amongus.The band recently released the album, Trust Fall, earlier this year and it is available now on Hoopla. 


Pearl Jam 

Pearl Jam released their first album, Ten, in 1991. Earlier this year they released their latest album, Gigaton.    



Breaking into the music world with their first album back in 1988, alternative group the Pixies released Surfer Rosa. Their latest album came out in late 2019 and is called Beneath the Eyrie.



Santana, who is fronted by guitarist Carlos Santana and has changed lineups over the years, had their first album release back in 1969. It was simply called Santana. Their latest album, Africa Speaks, is currently available on Hoopla and came out in late 2019. 


Stone Temple Pilots 

STP released their first album, Core, back in 1992. They recently released an album, entitled Perdida, earlier this year. Check it out with your card on Hoopla today. 


Stray Cats 

This band came out with their first album back in 1981 and it was called Stray Cats. They have released -many albums since then, with the latest, entitled 40, being released last year. You can find this latest album on Hoopla.



Weezer released their first album in 1994. It was known as the Weezer (the Blue Album). In 2019 they released the album known as Weezer (the Black Album) and are planning on another release in the near future. Hoopla has Weezer (the Black Album) and other selections by the band Weezer that you can listen to for free. 


The Who 

The Who released their first album in the UK called My Generation back in the year 1965. They just released another album, simply called Whoin 2019 and is offered by Hoopla. 


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