Campbell Schools Break Ground on CLWCC Project

(July 20, 2018) The Library was excited to join Campbell Schools, partners and the community today to celebrate the groundbreaking for the Community Literacy Workforce and Cultural Center. The Campbell Branch Library will be housed within this new building once it opens. Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful project.

Library Group Celebrates Groundbreaking

Pictured: Dr. David Ritchie, Library Board President; Deborah McCullough, Library Deputy Director; Matthew Bowen, Superintendent of Campbell Schools; Aimee Fifarek, Library Executive Director; and Deborah Liptak, Library Development Director.

Campbell Schools celebrate the groundbreaking for the CLWCC. The library’s Campbell Branch will move to that center once it is complete.

Library Executive Director Aimee Fifarek addresses the crowd at the CLWCC groundbreaking for Campbell Schools.

When the Campbell Schools’ project was presented to the Library as a possibility, the Library’s Executive Director, Board of Trustees and administration began to give it serious consideration. Because of the persistence of Campbell Schools Superintendent Matt Bowen and enthusiastic Campbell officials and residents, the project made its way to Library Trustees at several meetings. Trustees made the decision to accept the office to include a new Campbell Library inside the CLWCC official in June of 2017 when the Board agreed to become a part of the new center.

“We are pleased to be a part of this project, placing a new Campbell Branch Library within the CLWCC building. We believe this location will increase access to library resources and enhance programming opportunities for Campbell students, Mahoning County library patrons, community members and others in the region,” said Library Executive Director Aimee Fifarek.

“We expect foot traffic to greatly exceed that of the previous branch, with our customers utilizing the library’s services, as well as the services of the other project partners,” said Library Communications and Public Relations Director Janet Loew.

The new Campbell Library Branch in the Center is expected to include a makerspace geared toward grades K-6 which will provide materials and activities that support STREAM (Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts and Math) programs. In addition, the Library will utilize the facility’s shared meeting room and multi-purpose areas to conduct library programming and educational activities. These areas will be larger and more welcoming than the previous Campbell Library location, allowing offerings which can have larger audiences and a greater impact.

“Working with Supt. Bowen and Campbell Schools has been a wonderful partnership. In addition to our inclusion in this project, the Campbell Schools offered us a location in the D’Amato Field House to place our library branch while we wait for the new facility. We are pleased to be a part of this exciting new undertaking and look forward to working with the Campbell Schools and this community for many years to come,” Ms. Fifarek said. # 07-20-2018 #