Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses Available

Certified Copies of Mahoning County Marriage Licenses Available at Main Library, Brownlee Woods and Struthers Branches 

Three libraries in the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County (PLYMC) system will be able to provide certified copies of Mahoning County marriage licenses: Main Library and the Brownlee Woods and Struthers branches.  These may be needed for TSA compliant driver’s licenses.

The Library will provide this service until the federal government’s date for requiring a TSA compliant driver’s license.  Presently, that date is October 21, 2021.

To meet demand and to provide more accessible places to get certified copies in person, Mahoning County Probate Court Judge Robert Rusu Jr. has authorized the Library to be a source of certified copies of Mahoning County marriage licenses only. Copies can still be requested by U.S. Mail from the Probate Court, in person at the Court, and couples married after June 1, 1999, can get their copy from the Court’s website.

Judge Rusu deputized several PLYMC librarians to certify copies of marriage licenses. Certifying a license means that a deputy printed it and has verified that there are no changes from the online original.

For all marriages that occurred on or after June 1, 1999, you may request an electronic certified copy of your marriage record at no charge.  Please note:  Check with the agency requesting your marriage certificate to make sure they will accept this electronic certified copy.  If not, you will need to order one by the other methods.
Free Electronic Certified Copy:  https://prbapp.mahoningcountyoh.gov

Mahoning County Probate Court Marriage Licenses and Copies Requests page: https://www.mahoningcountyoh.gov/720/Marriage-Licenses

Library Locations:

Main Library, 305 Wick Ave.

Brownlee Woods Library, 4010 Sheridan Rd.

Struthers Library, 95 Poland Ave.

Hours:  Mon. – Thurs. from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. and Fri. – Sat. 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Certified copies may be requested in person, by phone at 330-744-8636, or online at reference@libraryvisit.org. The library will continue to provide the service until the date required for a TSA compliant driver’s license, which is currently October 21, 2021. If that date is extended, the library will continue to provide the service.

Library patrons are advised to call before coming in person, as only select librarians are deputized to provide this service and availability will vary.

Copies certified by library staff may be delivered to any library branch for customer pickup, but mailed copies must be requested from the court.

Deputized library staff are only authorized to certify marriage licenses issued in Mahoning County. Certifying any other legal document will have legal consequences. Identification is not required to request a marriage license since the documents are public records. One customer may ask for multiple marriage licenses for multiple persons.

Fee: $3.50, cash only

Required information: Names of both parties (maiden name if applicable), date of the marriage and the number of copies requested ($3.50 per copy).

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April 6, 2021